The Hillary Emoji Keyboard We've Been Waiting For

Awesome news for Hillary Clinton supporters: Hillmoji, the Hillary Clinton emoji keyboard, is officially a thing. Launched today by Snaps, it's the first Hillary Clinton emoji keyboard around, complete with not just emoji, but also GIFs and stickers. It's available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used on all your favorite messaging systems, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Clearly you should go download it right now, because of course you should. Your Berniemojis need someone to talk to, right?

Snaps said in a statement that Hillmoji are geared towards Millennials, who might be more inclined to use private messages to communicate than, say, Facebook statuses. Even though the emoji are already too good to be true, the app will be continuously updated as Clinton continues on her presidential campaign.

How cool is this, guys? I'm not sure I've ever been more ecstatic to use emoji in my entire tech-savvy life. Of course I had to take the app for a test drive by texting all my friends, family, and fellow Hillary Clinton supporters, so here — take a look at how the average smartphone user can utilize Hillmoji in their everyday messaging and textual communication. Here are five ways I communicated my love for Clinton using Hillmoji today:

1. I Told My Mom

Of course, the first person I told about Hillmoji was my mom. She clearly cares about me and Hillary, judging by her reaction.

2. I Told One Of My Friends Who I Know Is Also #ReadyForHIllary

Chase is a friend I met at a conference in college who is also a really big Clinton supporter. As you can see, he had a very simple yet approriate reaction to the GIFs. I later sent him a GIF that says, "I can't I'm busy breaking the glass ceiling," and he told me "First reaction: that's a stupidly long hash tag. Second reaction: Rosie the riveter-esque but off-tune logic and masculine." We're both into feminist theory, if you can't tell.

3. I Got In Touch With My Feminist BFF From College

I met one of my best friends, Liz, at a feminist student organization in college. I love that she replied with an emoji thumbs up; very contextually sound, girl.

4. And Then I Texted My Comedian Co-Worker

Germar is a comedian and actor I work with — and apparently we're psychically connected, because he'd already attempted to comment on my Instagram earlier and failed. Good thing I had some Hillmoji in my back pocket to send him!

5. And Lastly, I Tweeted About It

How could I not?

Go ahead and give the Hillemoji app a download — the possibilities for using it are endless!

Images: Erin McKelle Fischer/Bustle (6)