Spooky Halloween Nail Art To Rock All October

OK, OK; I admit I can be easily excited about many things. But I really mean it when I say that few things excite me more than Halloween. Whether decorating the kitchen with pumpkin-shaped candy dishes (check), wearing a lot more black (check), or sprucing up nails with a Halloween-themed manicure (working on it!); there are so many ways to really get into the spirit of this thrilling holiday (OK fine, observance, but it really should be a holiday).

And as much as I love my eyeball-shaped chocolates in my pumpkin-shaped jar, being personally decorated with black-and-orange tips is just better. (But only because I can't eat chocolate all day, everyday. Le sigh.) The only thing I wish is that I were better with nail art. That way, instead of just rocking an appropriate color theme, I could have, say, the Sanderson sisters or Minnie Mouse as Maleficent on my nails. Tell me that doesn't sound BA. If you wouldn't dare, here are 10 sets of Halloween manicures to awe and/or inspire you, too. Because whether you prefer something subtle, like a Halloween-themed ombré; something cute, like googly eyes; or something a little more intense, like blood-spattered tips; you're gonna want one of these designs on your nails ASAP. Me? I'm on my way to the nail tech right now.

1. Petite Pumpkins

How cute are those baby pumpkins??

2. Ombré

These ombré, bubble nails are perfect all season long.

3. Hocus Pocus

Excuse me? Hocus Pocus?? On nails??? That's a thing???? NEED.

4. Skeletons

Amp up the typical color palette with skeleton accent-nails.

5. Black Cat

It can't cross your path if it's just on you, right? Plus it looks so good paired with black glitter.

6. Googly Eyes

Eyes peeking out from the dark are just cute when they're googly eyes.

7. Creepy Eyes

If you prefer something a little less G-rated, try angular eyes in more sinister colors. And if you're really bold? Choose a glow-in-the-dark polish for the eyes. Just don't look yourself in the nails before going to sleep.

8. Mix N' Match

Gotta love mixing various graphic designs. So fun.

9. Bloody Good

The French base makes this blood motif equal parts pretty and spooky.

10. Disney

Transforming classic Disney characters into other Disney characters is genius. And this use of purple and green offers a relief from the classic black and orange, if you're looking for something different.

Happy Halloween, from my nails to yours!

Images: @badgirlmimi38/Instagram