Halloween Manicures for Every Ghoul

S. Alemdar/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Real talk: What better way is there to get in the spirit for a holiday than having a festive manicure? Answer: There isn't one. And the best holiday for that is easily Halloween. Let's face it. The options for a Halloween manicure are so open and endless. There's colors and candies and creatures (Oh my!) that can all be associated with Halloween, so really the hardest part about a themed manicure is just picking which direction you want to go.

If you prefer simplicity, just pick a color scheme. Black, orange, purple, and green are all great colors to show your spooky spirit. If you want your creepy to come with a side of cute, use a dotting tool to add googly eyes to any spider or monster nail art. Googly eyes make anything cute. It's, like, science. And here's a pro tip: If you want to go hard with your nail art, try using press-ons. You can paint your designs onto the nails before you apply them, making it easier to master your art.

Oh, and if you ever wanted to try the stiletto nail trend, October is totally the month to do it. Regardless of the color or art you choose for your nails, the clawed shape is perfect for evoking the spirit of Halloween. But if you still want to rock some nail art, I've got you covered. Whether you want simple or complex, cute or gory, ambiguous or literal, here are some options for your Halloween nail needs. You go, ghoul.


Mix and match nail wraps for flawless, festive prints.

Add a little something extra to your orange and black motif with some googly eyes. A dotting tool can help you achieve perfect circles.

Make sure to keep a steady hand or use striping tape with this one. But if you have a severe sweet-tooth, you might want to go a different direction than this candy-corn manicure.


Start with an orange and black gradient, and then take it to the next level by topping it off with matching glitter.

Try mixing textures and prints like this mani with orange glitter, spiderweb stamps, and gold studs.

Pay homage to your favorite Halloween-themed movie like these The Nightmare Before Christmas nails.

Scary Good

Get the gang together for Halloween! If you're unsure of your free-hand, use striping tape to help get crisper edges.

Try a theme like this zombie one, and take it up a notch with some texture like 3D skin.

If your free hand is on point though, try a connecting portrait like this one.