5 Things We Want To See When Drake Hosts 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live's first 2014 host is none other than Aubrey Graham, known to most as rapper slash actor Drake. On January 18th, the musician will make his second appearance on the show, as both host and musical guest. Drizzy's last performance on the show alongside host Anna Faris, while hilarious was far too short lived. Since his last appearance, Drake has released his third studio album, Nothing Was the Same, and recently finished his most recent tour, Would You Like A Tour?, in Philadelphia. During the awards season Drake is up for five Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Album. The multi-talented man also scored a hilarious cameo in the new Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

While I personally am most familiar with Drake from his depiction of Jimmy Brooks, the wheelchair bound basketball star on Degrassi: The Next Generation, the 27 year-old rap star broke through with his mix tape So Far Gone, and then with his first album Thank Me Later, which sold over 447,000 in its first week. As Drake gears up to host after the new year, joining the ranks of other musical stars such as Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, we want these five references to be made in any way, shape or form:

1. Bar Mitzvah Reference:

pinsicle on YouTube
pinsicle on YouTube

Everyone knows that Drake is Jewish. He went to a Jewish Day School and was even Bar Mitzvaed. But no one knows the details — what did he wear, which 13 year old ladies did he invite, what was his theme, how much did the Jewish relatives give him

2. Degrassi: the final generation:

WheelchairDrizzy on YouTube
WheelchairDrizzy on YouTube

Without actually giving us a reunion, especially with Craig (sigh), it'll be hard to make our Degrassi dreams come true. But if Jimmy Brooks, post-wheel chair incident of course, makes an appearance at all I'll be happy.

3. Canada jokes:

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do people actually live in Canada? How many famous people are from there? (A surprising amount actually) Why does Drizzy like the Toronto Raptors so much? All these questions must be answered.

4. Live inspirational tweets:

Drake is known for his inspirational tweets and his ridiculous twitter feed. He was even the most tweeted about rapper of 2013, according to Twitter. With topics such as #DrakeTaughtMe, how could he go wrong? What we really need Drake to teach us is his twitter ways, and I would like at least one live twitter feed about the subject, preferably by the host himself.

5. Guest appearance by Lil Wayne:


From Drake's humble beginnings, he has arisen as Lil Wayne's protege of sorts, joining the rapper's group Young Money Entertainment in 2009. While slightly more tame than Weezy, Drake could use some purple drank and dreads to spice up his image. The two make a great pair, and I'd love to see them perform a skit together as a duo, which will definitely be as magical as their dual rapping skills.