The New Deckhand Impresses On 'Below Deck'

With a deckhand down, the Below Deck team has really struggled since Don left the boat a couple of episodes back. Thankfully, the Below Deck crew got their new deckhand Dane during Tuesday night's episode, which definitely lifted their spirits as the nasty weather and the lack of Don Julio tequila put an early damper on this charter. But regardless of all of the hardships the crew has faced so far during this charter, everyone seemed to be super-jazzed about Dane's arrival on board the Eros, especially the ladies on the ship.

And why shouldn't they be? From what we know about Dane so far, he seems to not only be a much more desirable deckhand than Don but also one to watch on the show in general.

So what do we know about Dane? Well, since the Below Deck crew was in the middle of a charter when Dane arrived on the boat, we don't know a whole lot. He's originally from North Carolina. Dane doesn't have a degree, but he did grow up on boats (he describes himself as a "beach, surfer, laid-back, chill guy"), so he knows the water really well and actually has experience working on boats.

Thank the yachting gods, because as we all know from watching Below Deck, that is definitely not always the case. In fact, Dane just came from working on a catamaran in Puerto Rico. He certainly sounds like he has the makings of being a star deckhand in Eddie and Captain Lee's eyes. We'll have to wait and see if he lives up to those expectations.

But whether or not Eddie and Captain Lee end up loving Dane, the ladies on board the Eros already do, and I'm sure that means a lot to the new deckhand. Amy, Connie, and Rocky already have giant crushes on the guy.

Even the charter guests gave Dane a very warm welcome. Two of the female charter guests invited Dane into the hot tub with them, which he accepted, getting into his board shorts and everything. However, Emile, the deckhand whose maturity and intelligence were criticized by his fellow crewmates at the beginning of the episode, had to step in and tell Dane that crew members are forbidden from fraternizing with charter guests in that way during a charter. Perhaps Emile is smarter than everyone thinks. Snaps for the baby of the Eros!

Well, at least now we know a little bit more about Dane. He may be lovable now, but he's definitely going to be a troublemaker this season. I can feel it.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo