Do Hayes & Emma Speak The Same 'DWTS' Language?

The players on Dancing With The Stars all come from very different backgrounds, so it’s great that dancing is a universal language. Who needs words when you can just shake that, you know what I mean? Even though Hayes Grier and Emma Slater both speak English (she is from England and he is from the United States), you would think that these two were born on different planets with the way they speak to each other. Though they move together seamlessly, Hayes and Emma had a little bit of a Dancing With The Stars language barrier.

Though I do love watching the dances, my favorite part of Dancing With The Stars is the rehearsal footage. You really get to see who the people — especially the dancers — are. I mean, we all know who the “stars” in Dancing With The Stars are, but unless you’ve been watching for a really long time, you don’t know much about the dancers. For this Hometown Week, Emma talked about the small town in England where she grew up, and of her twin sister, whom she calls her “best friend.” Emma and Hayes danced to Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” (was Hayes even alive when that song came out?), but before that, Hayes and Emma traded some British versus American words.

For the life of me I don’t know how the English get “ah-loo-min-ium” out of the word “aluminum,” and it doesn’t seem like Hayes did either! But I, like Hayes’ 15-year-old self, obviously laughed when Emma said “spotted dick,” which is a British pudding dessert and not an American venereal disease. Just in case you were wondering.

In any case, this adorable little exchange really shows just how compatible Hayes and Emma are. They such a great chemistry together, and while you can see it on the dance floor, it’s fun to watch the behind-the-scenes stuff of them acting like brother and sister.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC