Gary Busey Loves Being On 'DWTS'

Gary Busey was touched by an angel tonight on Dancing With The Stars. Your time on Dancing With The Stars nearly came to an end this week, Gary, and though I’m not sure how, you totally pulled it off and will live to see another week of competition. Gary and Anna are here to stay on Dancing With The Stars! Did anyone see that coming? Because I know I sure didn’t. For the second part of Week Two’s double elimination, Gary and Anna, his lovely Russian doll (as he calls her), were in the bottom two of being cut from the competition. I was very scared that he and Anna would be sent home, mostly because this dancing couple was just so much fun to watch and I would have no one left.

Gary may be known for being, um, a little quirky, to say the least, but on Dancing With The Stars, his enthusiasm for each week’s numbers and for Anna was totally contagious. On a show where us viewers have pretty much seen it all, from Kate Gosselin’s hair to Marie Osmond’s fainting, Gary’s irreverent and unfiltered take on everything from his dance partner’s lineage to if he’ll make it to the next week were hilarious and refreshing.

There are very few times where someone will say exactly what he means to say, but that’s Gary Busey for you. At times it seems like hosts Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron have to rein him in, because Gary will just keep spouting nonsense for the rest of the broadcast. Gary’s number on tonight’s show was good, but it certainly wasn’t great. He’s definitely improving, but he’s certainly no Hayes Grier or Bindi Irwin. He must have done something right, though, if he got enough votes to stay on the show! I can’t wait to see what Gary and Anna will do next week — I bet he’s bound to surprise us all.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC