Starbucks Just Released A New Fall Drink!

For more than a decade, the pumpkin spice latte has deliciously reigned as the signature drink of fall — and now, it has a little friendly in-house competition. Allow me to introduce Starbucks' toasted graham latte, the first new fall espresso drink to come from the coffee chain in four years. Toasted graham syrup layers with rich espresso and steamed milk for a decadent fall drink that's topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham pieces — and the best news is that it's available starting now. The drink launched in stores nationwide starting Sept. 23, meaning you can get autumn started off on the right, caffeinated foot immediately. Heck. Yes.

Of course, if you can trust anyone to do fall right, it's Starbucks. Its latest beverage appeals to hardcore coffee enthusiasts and novelty drinkers alike — the TGL (it's not a signature latte if it doesn't have an acronym, obvs) is sweet, but tastes more like an actual cup of coffee with hints of cinnamon than a cup full of dessert. This one doesn't come with whipped cream, but go ahead and ask for it anyway, if you're feeling adventurous.

It took Starbucks almost a year to develop its new offering, which is available through winter, aka the return of red cup season. And speaking of which, Starbucks has also unveiled a new line of seasonal fall cups that look like something straight out of a trendy adult coloring book, and were pretty much made to be Instagrammed.

New drinks, new cups, new season — can you think of anything better? The hardest part of your day will be trying to decide between ordering this and the PSL. Pro tip: Just get both.

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Images: Starbucks; Kathryn Kattalia