The Hillary Clinton Nail Art We All Need

Hillary Clinton supporters are definitely some of the most creative out there. From making the candidate into emojis to creating her "H" logo out of breakfast foods, Clinton fans show their excitement for her presidential campaign any way possible. One Instagram user even got Clinton painted on her nails, thanks to nail artist Miho “Mei” Kawajiri, gaining Clinton's attention in the process and taking her political fandom to the next level. With the fingernails of one hand lining up to write out "who run the world" and the other depicting Clinton clad in a blue pantsuit, this supporter definitely won the pro-Clinton creativity contest for the week — er, year. Everyone who wants to see Clinton be the next president needs this nail art. Who wants a boring red manicure when you could be making a bold political statement with your nails?

Clinton reposted the photo to her Instagram Wednesday, so she clearly loved seeing her face on someone's nails. The nail polish even sticks to a patriotic red, white and blue color scheme, in true Clinton fashion. Beyonce's lyrics "Who run the world? Girls!" can easily be rewritten to say "Who run the world? Clinton!" Well, she's trying to, anyway. If Clinton wins the presidency, we know what her anthem will be — Beyonce's song can be blasted throughout the White House while every employee rocks this outstanding nail art.

Beyonce would probably be honored, since she's a Clinton fan herself. Queen Bey was photographed attending a Clinton fundraiser event in New York City in May. Although it's only nail art, Clinton and Beyonce are a duo that shouldn't be messed with. They're both amazing women separately, but together, they could accomplish anything — including the best manicure of all time.

Flaunting your love for Clinton and Beyonce in such an obvious way shows everyone you interact with that you're a feminist, have strong female role models, and are ready for America's first female president in 2016. Sure, you could wear a Clinton 2016 T-shirt, but nail art is so much more unique and personal. Anyone can buy a piece of clothing, but only the most devout Clinton fans would take the time to draw the presidential hopeful on their bodies. Luckily, nail polish is less permanent than a Clinton tattoo, but it still gets the point across.

You can check out Mei's other nail creations here.