The 'BB17' Houseguests Have The Cutest Pets

As cool as it seems to live in the Big Brother house all summer, I imagine that there are plenty of aspects that get old real quick. The main one being the lack of access to the outside world. Unless someone wins Head of Household, they do not even get to look at photos of their loved ones. But, aside from significant others, parents, best friends, and siblings, I bet that the houseguests also miss their pets back home. To many people, animals are can be considered a part of the family, so I am sure that a lot of the remaining competitors are really missing their furry friends. And, based on photos, the Big Brother 17 houseguests have some super cute pets back home.

Shelli even got a letter from her dog when she won Head of Household, which I think was taking the puppy love a little too far, in all honesty, but it was a little cute. I just wonder who wrote that letter and decided to make it from the family pet instead of an actual person. But, after all the build up, I want to see how cute this dog is, and the pets of all the other BB17 stars, too.

1. Shelli's Dog

Since Shelli's dog Rango got the most attention on the show, it makes sense to start with him. I feel like Shelli is a mother with the way she treats this dog. She loves him so much. And, judging by that HoH letter, he feels the same!

2. Clay's Puppy

It's possible that this puppy is even cuter than Clay. And, then that combination of Clay and his puppy is just way too irresistible for me to handle.

3. Audrey's Dog

This likes the perfect pet for Audrey to cuddle with all bundled up in her signature blanket and hoodie.

4. Clay's Cows

Reinforcing every country boy stereotype possible, Clay actually has cows. Plus his mom is vet so it makes sense for Clay to have a lot of pets.

5. Vanessa's Dogs

Aside from missing her girlfriend Mel, Vanessa spoke about how much she has wanted to hang with her dogs. After seeing this adorable pic, I understand why she would feel eager to get back home.

6. Jeff's Dog

If you follow Jeff on Instagram, you'll see a lot of cuddle sessions with his dog Riley, and I don't blame him. That's definitely an adorable pup.

7. James' Cat

I love everything about this photo and his cat Gizmo.

8. Clay's Cat

Aside from aesthetic reasons, I would date Clay just so I could hang with all of his pets. There's just something about a dude with a cat that I find weirdly charming.

9. Jackie's Dog

There are so many pics of Jackie and her French Bulldog on her IG. It's clear that she is a dedicated puppy mom.

10. Jace's Cats

Jace's time on Big Brother was short lived, but thankfully he had two cats to comfort him after being the first houseguest eliminated. That's the purrrrfect way to get over the disappointment of losing.

I wish that all of the pets were invited back for the Big Brother finale. That would be something us animal lovers would love to see.

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Image: Monty Brinton/CBS