How Jace Really Feels About His 'BB17' Eviction

Being eliminated first from Big Brother can't be fun, but it has to happen to someone. By now, all of us fans know that Jace Agolli was evicted from Big Brother 17 first. He was only on the show for two short weeks before the rest of the cast targeted him for a backdoor eviction. On the bright side, he was booted because his roommates perceived him as a major competitor and a threat to their game. Still, that really just serves as a consolation prize for Jace in comparison to winning the actual competition. Before he had to leave the house, however, Jace used his pre-eviction speech to promote his social media pages, which obviously made me want to check them all immediately. So how does Jace really feel about getting the boot so early on in the summer?

Now that Jace has rejoined society, we actually have some insight on this. While on Big Brother, the houseguests do not have any access to the outside world, so now that Jace is out, he has been very active on social media trying to capitalize on his two weeks in the Big Brother house. Is he bitter? It sure doesn't look like it. He just seems to be making the best out of the situation. Here's what he's been up to online since we saw him leave the BB17 house.

Thanking The Casting Director

Even though his time as a contestant was short-lived, Jace is grateful for the opportunity to be on the show.

Meeting Frankie Grande

Jace hung out with Big Brother 16's Frankie Grande and wrote a positive caption to go along with the post: "Even though it sucked getting evicted from the Big Brother house first I truly believe that there is a always a silver lining in life."

Rocking Out With Julie Chen

Jace was all smiles after his elimination, posing like a rock star with the eternally flawless Julie Chen.

Admitting Defeat

No bitterness here. Jace posted his promo photo from the show with the hash tag #NoShame in the caption.

Connecting With The Cast

Even though Jace was in the house for a brief time, he still believes that he made some good friends in the process— although he's still not sure which of the twins he bonded with.

Promoting His Music

Jace has been capitalizing on the buzz from his Big Brother stint by promoting his music career. I don't blame him. He might as well get some joy out of being the first to go.

Celebrating The Fourth Of July & Referencing His Eviction (Again)

Jace is off the show, but he's not going to let anyone forget that he was there in the first place. Jace posted a photo celebrating Fourth of July with his father, mentioning that his dad surprised him with a visit after his eviction.

Negating The Bully Accusations

Jace cleared the air in regard to some bullying accusations by posting a screenshot from his Hollywood Reporter interview on Instagram.

Staying Positive

Obviously being the first evicted is not what Jace wanted to happen, but he has made the best of it and is trying to look at the experience with a positive attitude. It's nice to see that he is not at all spiteful or bitter about the elimination.

Image: Robert Voets/CBS