This Past NYFW Was Instagrammed Like Crazy

Unlike any sports game, awards show, or presidential debate, fashion week is one major event that's not broadcasted on TV for the world to enjoy. Luckily, Instagrammers have taken on the role of being our personal front row eyes, and as it turns out, NYFW 2015 was the most Instagrammed one yet.

Between Eva Chen's slo-mo videos and Kimye's general existence, Instagram has become a wildly popular way for fashion insiders to spread the word about what's cool — and what's not. You don't even have to attend a fashion show to get an idea of what the collection is like nowadays, as there will probably be 50+ pictures circulating your Instagram feed to prove it.

As an average citizen interested in pretty clothes and gorgeous models (and also lacking in fashion show invites) I'm eternally grateful for these Instagram-saavy people. According to Racked, Instagram reports that 26 million people had more than 200 million NYFW related interactions between September 10th and September 17th, which is over double the 85 million interactions from last season. Considering how many pictures of blogger street style, backstage beauty, and model selfies I've seen in the past few weeks, I believe the data.

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As we all know, Selena Gomez's Instagram at Ralph Lauren was the most liked Instagram picture of all of Fashion Week at 1.5 million likes. Coming up behind her on the NYFW scale, Kim Kardashian's picture of North of before the Yeezy show garned a whopping 1.2 million likes, and Kendall Jenner's image of her on the Givenchy runway received 1.1 million likes.

Besides these top contenders, here are a few more of the best highlights of NYFW's Instagram takeover.

1. Eva Chen getting up close and personal with supermodels.

Gigi Hadid's hair, though.

2. Opening Ceremony's dance coordinated runway.

Real life ballerinas!

3. The glowy Hadid sisters backstage.

Sisters that model together, stay together.

4. Jessica Alba at Narciso Rodriguez

Is she the sweetest or what?

5. Karlie Kloss and her dog post-DVF.

Still #makeupgoals.

6. Pat McGrath's amazing artistry at Victoria Beckham.

The most fabulous cheek bone highlights in all the land.

7. Marc Jacobs's muse

Em Rata, everyone.

8. Supermodels doing supermodel-y things.

Can I join this squad?

9. Amy Schumer being Amy Schumer at Zac Posen.

Even a funny-lady like Schumer gets serious about pretty dresses.

How many more interactions will take place until Paris Fashion Week? Only time (and likes) will tell.

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