Get To Know The 'Are You The One?' Season 3 Cast

by Braelyn Wood

On Thursday night, MTV premieres Are You The One? Season 3 with a new cast, which means its time to learn about 20 new singles. This group was sent to Hawaii to try and find their predetermined perfect match, which is based off an algorithm of compatibility using in depth interviews and questionnaires. The game/dating show hybrid includes a limited number of matching ceremonies where cast members try to successfully figure out 10 perfect matches and earn $1 million to split between them before time runs out.

Putting the pressure of trying to find your perfect match on a group of cast members who are historically bad at relationships is usually enough to create an entertaining series. But this time around, MTV decided to up the tension by subtracting $250,000 every time the group has a “blackout,” or does not manage to correctly match any couples during the ceremony. That means each time a couple purposely avoids the Truth Booth because they don't want to leave the house, they put the other members at risk of losing money.

Another way to up the drama? By finding an eclectic mix of cast members bound to shake things up. Here's what you should know about the new cast of Are You The One?, along with my best guess at everyone's perfect match. However, I am not a matchmaker, which means you should take all of my predictions with a grain of salt (and to fit the theme of this show, some tequila and lime too).

1. Amanda Garcia, 22

What does this Colorado native and huge Denver Broncos fan look for in a man? Garcia told MTV she looks for "a fat wallet and a fat schlong." And from the looks of the Are You The One? teasers, schlong might be her favorite word. According to her Instagram, Garcia works at Generation Health, a legal weed dispensary, in Denver. Her MTV bio also states that she's normally the heartbreaker and that this is her chance to find someone she can trust.

Most Likely Match: Mike Crescenzo

2. Austin Sheets, 22

Sadly, curious viewers do not have the opportunity to truly creep on — I mean look further into the past of — Sheets, since his Instagram is still private. However, he did make his Twitter public just in time for the premiere on Thursday for curious viewers who want to follow his life. But from his MTV bio, we do know that he joined the military at 17 and now focuses his energy on "launching multilevel marketing endeavors." I'm not quite sure what that means, but MTV blames his "laser focus and extremely high standards" for his lack of a love life. We'll see if that's the case.

Most Likely Matches: Stacey Gurnevich

3. Chuck Mowery, 26

Mowery appears to be this season's stud and the promos show him bouncing between different female contestants. The surfer dude's MTV bio claims that "getting the girls isn't the problem" for Mowery, it's actually "the girls he picks." I find it kind of hard to believe it's really the girls who are the problem, considering Mowery's tattoo says "I am the moment, I can leave the moment." This Padi certified, self proclaimed "sexual deviant" lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he works as a Scuba Driving Instructor at Big Island Divers, according to his Facebook. We'll have to watch to see if he manages to dive into anyones heart.

Most Likely Match: Britni Thorton

4. Connor Smith, 25

You know how the Are You The One? Season 3 official trailer includes a male voice explaining his idea of wealth — something along the lines of how wealth shouldn't have to do with money, but rather with the difference you make for other people? Well, Smith is that philosopher trying to swoon another contestant. The 6'8'' Illinois resident really, really wants to find love. His mother didn't meet her soulmate until she was 50-years-old, he explained in his bio, and now Smith is in a rush to find his own. His Instagram is devoted to fitness, with shots of his meal prep, fitness competitions, and fitness coaching. Hopefully he's not on the run for love much longer.

Most Likely Match: Melanie Velez

5. Devin Walker-Molaghan, 26

Walker-Molaghan's personal motto is "never give up on love," which is kind of ironic, considering he gets caught in a love triangle early on when another contestant accuses Walker-Molaghan of allegedly saying he was going to "smash both of them" in a short teaser from MTV. It wouldn't be the first time that he tried to get involved in groups of threes — his Are You The One profile says he spends his time "organizing threesomes through Tinder." His short profile also mentions that he is "a romantic at heart." But it looks like he's still spending his time on Tinder, so I'm guessing he's not the one for anyone on the show.

Most Likely Match: Kirsten "Kiki" Cooper

6. Hunter Barfield, 22

Barfield is from Perry, Florida and the country gentleman of Season 3. He claims he's a ladies man, but gets all of his pick-up lines from YouTube. So I'm guessing it's not the clever lines, but the good looks helping him out. Barfield is on the search for "that one amazing person" after being "deeply betrayed by the only woman he ever loved," according to MTV. From the way fans are flocking to his Twitter, I have a feeling he'll be able to continue that search for a while.

Most Likely Match: Kayla Brackett

7. Mike Crescenzo, 24

Hailing from Stony Brook, New York, Mike Crescenzo goes by "Magic Mike," a nickname that alludes to his stripping career. A career, that according to his MTV profile, most women can't see past. Crescenzo now appears to be working as a model requesting paid shoots only on his Model Mayhem profile. But it also seems like Crescenzo recently managed to find love. Now we just have to see if it was on Are You The One? or somewhere on the streets of NYC.

Most Likely Matches: Amanda Garcia

8. Nelson Thomas, 26

Even though Thomas has a Twitter profile, he doesn't appear to be all that interested in sharing his personal life online. With zero tweets and no Instagram posts, the only information available about Thomas is that he's athlete from San Marcos, Texas. So what has plagued Thomas' love life? His MTV profile says that his drive and ambition, also his most attractive qualities, get in the way of relationships. We know little about Thomas, so in the meantime we can thank him for calling out contestant Walker-Molaghan for claiming he was going to "smash" both girls he was seeing on the show.

Most Likely Match: Rashida Beach

9. Tyler Johnson, 25

Johnson is definitely the most likable from his MTV profile. He's a semi-pro basketball player and works at an ice cream factory. So why is he single? Prior to the show, Johnson was living platonically with his cheating ex-girlfriend. But from the looks of his Instagram, it appears that he decided to move to Los Angeles and start his own business after Are You The One? filming ended. But don't worry, Johnson is still super close to his mom and even flew back to Indiana on Tuesday to surprise her for her birthday.

Most Likely Match: Kristyn "Cheyenne" Floyd

10. Alec Gonzalez, 22

I can easily say that Gonzalez's MTV profile makes him the least likable. He says that since losing weight, he "can't help but judge women based on their physical experience," despite remembering "what is was like to not be given a second look based on his appearance." Luckily, a few of his Twitter posts help make Gonzalez a little more likable — like how the Pennsylvania native's one goal in life is to get on Dancing With The Stars and in seventh grade he was catfished into believing he was talking to Emma Watson online. Then again, he believes that telling a cashier he's on MTV could win her heart, so I guess it's still up in the air.

Most Likely Match: Chelsey Perkins

11. Stacey Gurnevich, 24

Gurnevich is from Staten Island, New York and boasts Ukrainian roots. Her personal interests on Facebook include modeling and histrionics (though I'm not sure if she means acting or dramatic behavior designed to attract attention). She's described as "brash, opinionated, and a total sweetheart," by MTV. She always falls for the bad boy type, but it looks like she might have found the one?

Most Likely Match: Austin Sheets

12. Britni Thorton, 24

This Georgia peach goes by the pseudonym Britni Nicol on all of her public social media accounts, but her Model Mayhem profile and Facebook accounts are under Britni Thornton. In her Are You The One? interviews Thorton lists jealousy and cockiness as her biggest turnoffs, before adding, "Half the people who are cocky, don't even have a reason to be cocky." On her Twitter she mentions her #mcm and eye candy, which leads me to believe she might have found someone.

Most Likely Match: Chuck Mowery

13. Chelsey Perkins, 23

Perkins is from Florida, where she is currently a senior at University of Central Florida studying psychology. She hopes to attend grad school in the near future and earn a PhD, which is probably why Perkins shared in a recent interview with thenikkisin.com that she went into the house wanting to win the money, and only opened up to the idea of finding love closer to the start of the show. Here's to hoping she found both.

Most Likely Match: Alec Gonzalez

14. Kristyn "Cheyenne" Floyd, 22

Reigning from sunny LA, Floyd is described as "smart, ambitious and well-travelled" in her MTV profile. Her biggest problem in finding love? High standards. If her online interviews for Are You The One? are any indiction, Floyd is hilarious and will definitely be a good source of comedic relief throughout the show. Highlights includes listing the dad on The Powerpuff Girls as the hottest cartoon character. She also owns an online boutique called The Ruu. She seems put together, but we'll have to watch to see how it all turns out.

Most Likely Match: Tyler Johnson

15. Hannah Rathbun, 22

This native New Yorker is a huge fan of One Direction, Justin Bieber, and swimming with sharks. She recently moved back to the west coast where she got a job as a dog walker. Rathbun compares her love-life stability to the economy and it appears that her trusty companion in life is her adorable dog. In her interviews she says she never has had a Tinder account and her favorite emoji is the grinning smiley face.

Most Likely Match: Zak Longo

16. Kayla Brackett, 22

Coming from Connecticut, Brackett is strong, spontaneous, and the type of girl that can ride a dirt bike in six-inch heels according to her MTV profile. She's also a "party girl by her own admission," and hopes to find someone that can join in on the fun, but also can tame her wild side. She also shared that the celebrity she would hook up with would be Cristiano Ronaldo. She also told more about her perfect man on Instagram declaring he would have a nice build, a booty, and no unibrow.

Most Likely Match: Hunter Barfield

17. Kirsten "Kiki" Cooper, 24

Cooper is a complete wildcard. A George Mason University Alumni and former Hooters employee, she once allegedly dated Ryan Edwards, who is the father of Teen Mom star Maci Bookout's son, Bentley. She is now a grad student and Herbalife Health Coach, according to her Instagram. A little research also pulled up a creative writing piece Cooper completed for a class about her exerperience working for Hooter's. The teacher who shared the piece also says she was fantastic student that often wrote about women's issues. As for her time on Are You The One?, there's no online expose yet on the job, but from the looks of her tweets, it appears that Cooper is single.

Most Likely Match: Devin Walker-Molaghan

18. Melanie Velez, 23

Another New York native, Velez is a dancer and fitness instructor. But with a history of true issues, according to her MTV bio, she hasn't found the one quite yet. So what does her perfect man look like? Well according to her MTV interviews he would have "green, hazel-y eyes, colors that would change in the sun" and "nice white pearl-y teeth, straight." It looks like Velez may have found that and more, because from the looks of a recent Instagram post, she has a bae.

Most Likely Match: Connor Smith

19. Rashida Beach, 23

First things first, Beach is talented and ambitious. She attended College of Charleston where she studied theatre with a concentration in performance and minor in business administration. Viewers can listen to Beach's music through her Soundcloud profile and get a glimpse deeper into her life through her YouTube channel. So why did Beach come to MTV to find love? She's in a cycle of going back to the same men over and over again, according to her bio. Hopefully if the show doesn't end with her finding love, she will find a blossoming music career.

Most Likely Match: Nelson Thomas

20. Zak Longo, 26

Finally, there's adorable Longo, an Italian-Canadian. He is a co-founder of Panda Propaganda, a film and television production studio with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto. His IMDB profile lists a few acting roles, but he seems to have turned his focus to production. As for Longo's perfect girl? Well, he can tell you what he doesn't want— fake eyelashes. He says in interviews that they're like paint brushes on the eyes and he can spot them a mile away. That's oddly specific.

Most Likely Matches: Hannah Rathbun

Even though the chances of these 20 singles finding true love with each other might be slim, their chances at earning a portion of $1 million seem pretty high. And who knows, maybe there will be another Are You The One? couple who gets married and has kids.

Images: MTV (21)