'Elle' Australia Lets Everyone Be The Cover Model

When it comes to body positivity, the fashion world still has a long way to go, but I would say it’s better now than ever before. Elle Australia lets everyday people #BeTheCover of their latest issue. Instead of picturing a highly Photoshopped model, the magazine opted to have the cover be a reflective surface that acts as a mirror. When you hold the magazine just so, you see your very own face. How does if feel to be a cover star, you beautiful thing, you?

Elle Australia is also encouraging that you take selfies of yourself as the model, and that’s all part of the #BeTheCover movement. Now, if that’s not super awesome and body positive, then I don’t know what is. It might even be worth signing up for a subscription so that I can get my hands on a copy because I want to be on the cover, too, you know? Better yet, I’ll befriend an Australian who can send me one. All of you Aussies out there — I’m counting on you!

This magazine isn’t the first to be completely body positive with its cover, either. There have been quite a few covers this year that went above and beyond when it came to striving to make women feel confident in their skin, and I love them for it.

1. Elle Australia

You and all of your friends can get the chance to be on a magazine cover. Such a great concept, isn't it?

2. DuJour Magazine

Chrissy Teigen posed nude inside this magazine because she's not afraid to love her body (or show it off).

3. Women's Running

Proving that any body type can be fit, this magazine cover was a major body positive breakthrough.

4. ESPN Magazine

This important cover is all about body love.

5. Vanity Fair

I'd place my money on this being one of the most-widely seen covers of all time.

6. People

Plus-sized model Tess Holiday landed a major cover.

7. Vogue Spain

Kim Kardashian went makeup-free for Vogue Spain.

8. Elle Quebec

This magazine went all in and featured Ashley Graham on the cover cover.

9. Redbook

Featuring women of all shapes and sizes, this magazine got some heat for using the phrase "real women," but that doesn't negate that it's a refreshing change of pace.