Meet ‘Scandal’s Mia Maestro

Olivia Pope is back Thursday, Sept. 24, and some big changes are in store for Scandal Season 5. A teaser for the show reveals that Fitz is moving forward with his divorce and towards some more hot and heavy romance with Olivia. But, that's old news. It's new cast member Mia Maestro that really has fans wondering what new scandals lie ahead.

The Strain’s Mia Maestro is heading to Scandal for a “major recurring role.” While details of her character have been kept secret, there two possible theories circulating as to why Maestro has been cast. Shonda Rhimes revealed that a new gladiator will join the ranks next season, but hinted that this person is someone we have seen before. So, it’s more likely to be a veteran character or guest star. But, there’s another rumor floating around that Maestro’s character could be romantic competition for Olivia. As we know, the President is moving forward with his divorce and a synopsis for “Heavy is the Head" explained that Fitz and Olivia will keep their relationship a secret. Some have guessed that Maestro will play a woman who hits on the seemingly newly single President.

While we will have to wait until Thursday to find out who Maestro will portray on the show, what can we find out about the Argentinian actress now? Here are six things to know about her before the premiere.

1. You’ve Seen Her On TV

She currently stars on FX’s The Strain, and you may also recognize her as Sydney Bristow’s sister on ABC’s Alias.

2. You’ve Seen Her On The Big Screen

Maestro has been in major films like Frida, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Twilight.

3. She’s A Singer/Songwriter

This music video is mesmerizing.

4. She’s Stylish

She can seriously rock prints — and not just when they are painted on her (see number 3).

5. She’s A Diver

She’s basically a mermaid.

6. She Has A Dog

Who could possibly be a lamb. Either way, this creature is very cute.

I can’t wait to meet Mia Maestro’s Scandal character too! Tune in Thursday, Sept. 24, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.