Why Olivia & Fitz Aren't 'Scandal's OTP

If there's one thing we already know about Scandal Season 5, its that it will center around Olivia and Fitz's reunion. Yes, after years of secret rendezvous or completely ignoring each other altogether, Olitz is finally getting its time to shine. But is that necessarily a good thing? I'll be honest, I've never really been a big 'shipper of this duo and always felt she had a much healthier and more emotional connection to Jake. It's not that I dislike Fitz. In fact, I appreciate what he brings to the show. And when he's not too busy obsessing over Olivia, he can be a decent human being. However, I just don't think he's the right match for our beloved Gladiator, which is why Olivia and Fitz need to break up. Like ASAP.

Obviously, this opinion is not going to be a popular one. I can practically feel your seething rage from here. But I stick by what I said. These two are not Scandal's OTP. This isn't because they don't have great chemistry together because they totally do. (It's off the charts on the hotness scale.) However, most of you know by now that physical attraction alone isn't enough to sustain any couple. At least not one that has any hope of lasting. So before you break down my door and torture me Huck-style, just take a moment and read through all the reasons Olivia and Fitz simply shouldn't be together.

1. They Have Nothing In Common

Apart from being super attracted to each other, they really don't share many other common interests. And their personalities could not be more different. Olivia is smart and level-headed, while Fitz rarely thinks things through. (Not a great attribute for the Leader of the Free World to have, BTW.) She helps to control situations, while he tries to control her. It's just not the kind of combination that great relationships are based on.

2. They're Better People When Apart

After seeing them be apart for so long last year, I noticed that they're actually better versions of themselves when they're separated. He became less obsessed and more focused on actually running the country. He even managed to cut back a lot on his drinking. Meanwhile, Olivia continued to be her awesome self, but wasn't constantly brought down by their unhealthy desire for each other. Basically, a win-win for all.

3. They Don't Really Know Each Other

They've been so busy hiding their romance that they never really got the chance to know each other well outside of the bedroom, which isn't normal or healthy. I bet Fitz doesn't even know what her favorite brand of red wine is. Now that would be scandalous.

4. Fitz Is Too Self Involved

I mean, come on — Fitz rarely has anyone else's best interests at heart apart from his own. Case in point, he was willing to put Olivia's safety ahead of the betterment of the country when she was kidnapped last season. He would've done anything to get her back (no matter how many other innocent lives were lost) because he needs her in his life. It's all about his needs. His desires. Not exactly the quality anyone would want in an ideal mate, right?

5. The Anticipation Is Always Better Than The Execution

Without the sexual tension, what are they? Now that the chase is over, whose to say that Fitz won't start treating Liv like he treated Mellie? Sometimes the idea of something is far superior than seeing it actually come to fruition.

6. Cheating & Lies Are The Foundation Of Their Relationship

And let's face it, that's never a good sign regardless of who you are.

7. Olivia Deserves So Much Better

Of course, I could argue that no one will ever deserve the American treasure that is Olivia Pope, but Fitz has proven time and time again to be an unworthy candidate. It doesn't matter if you're a Fitz or Jake supporter, we are ALL Olivia supporters and want what's best for her. And if we're being brutally honest with ourselves, we know Fitz just doesn't fit the bill. He's tried to control her and has treated her like property. She deserves so much more than that. And so do we.

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