Stream ‘Scandal’ Season 5 Online ASAP

by Caroline Gerdes

Scandal returns Thursday, Sept. 24 and you're going to want to be there. But, if you don't have a television, don’t worry — it’s not 1980. You can still catch Olivia Pope in action by streaming Scandal Season 5 online. And, from the look of the season’s teaser trailer, you’ll definitely want to stay up-to-date with the ABC drama.

So how can you stream Scandal? There are several ways to watch the series, even if you can’t get to a TV on Thursday nights. ABC posts full episodes of its programs online (usually the next day), and live streaming of ABC shows is available on their website in some areas. Current episodes of Scandal will also be available on Hulu and Google Play the nest day. All previous seasons are also currently on Netflix, if you need to psych yourself up for the premiere.

Whether you tune in, live stream, or catch up online, you won’t want to miss this season. The cliffhanger left off with Fitz calling it quits on his marriage, Jake moving on, and Olivia going to the White House. So, what can we expect from Scandal Season 5? Here's what we know.

1. What’s Happening With Fitz And Mellie?

Fitz is moving forward with his divorce.

2. What About Fitz And Olivia?

Fitz and Olivia are keeping their relationship a secret.

3. What About Jake?

According to Shonda Rhimes, Jake could “destroy everything” this season. Well, that’s ominous.

4. Who Is This New Gladiator?

That’s right, Rhimes confirmed an opening at Pope & Associates. She also hinted that new gladiator will be someone we have seen before.

5. Who Is Mia Maestro?

The Strain actress is heading to Shondaland, but details about the role are being kept under wraps.

6. What Is Going To Be Handled This Season?

Rumor has it, the premiere will introduce a new, well, scandal. Hopefully Olivia will be able to handle it.

For more answers and more scandals that will likely lead to more questions, catch Scandal’s premiere on TV or online — just be sure not to miss it.

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