Victoria Justice's "Tuesday" Tee Is Cute Any Day

There's always that point in the week when you forget what day it is, and apparently even celebrities get confused. Victoria Justice wore a "Tuesday" t-shirt to help her keep track, and looked as comfy and cool as ever, despite the fact that she actually got the day wrong. What better way to celebrate hump day than by finding out your farther into the week than you thought?

Justice looked geek-chic in this relaxed ensemble. Even though her t-shirt was a bit behind the times, the outfit itself was so on-trend. Maybe it's even cooler to rep the wrong day of the week? From colorful t-shirts to edgy cutouts, this 22-year-old is never afraid to take a risk with her style. She constantly stays true to her fun-loving attitude, and that's what makes each one of her looks so great.

The grunge meets geek outfit was perfect way to dress for the first day of fall. She sported the army-green graphic tee with a pair of grey jeans and matching hoodie that looked comfy and casual. She finished the look with thick rimmed glasses and a leather back-pack that elevated it to a new level. With light makeup and a sea-foam green nail polish shade, her look is so strong that I almost didn't notice that she was wearing the wrong day across her chest.

Justice proved that this look is perfect no matter what day of the week you wear it on. Whether you're having a long week or just want to confuse some friends, here's how to nail the star's comfy street style.

1. Start With A "Tuesday" Tee

(Tuesday Graphic T-Shirt, Zazzle, $24.10)

2. Grab A Hoodie

(Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket, H&M, $19.99)

3. Slip On Grey Jeans

(Classic Skinny Jeans, Forever21, $7.90)

4. Finish With A Backpack

(Rhea Small Leather Backpack, Michael Kors, $298)

Great style doesn't get easier than this!

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