Ingrid Nilsen's Wedding Guest Outfit Is Very '90s

by Julia Guerra

Wednesday may formally mark the beginning of fall, but temperatures are still surfacing the low 80s, which means outdoor nuptials are a go. YouTube vloggers Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart attended an outdoor wedding Wednesday. Naturally the two arrived dressed to the nines, Hart donning a grey collared shirt with blue trousers and matching jacket while Nilsen modeled a mint crop top paired with a Vivian Chan white, sheer maxi skort.

Once Nilsen came out on her YouTube channel back in June, the two were almost inseparable. I wasn’t too surprised when Hart finally confirmed their relationship in the October issue of DIVA Magazine, but it lead me to love them, and their couple style, even more.

I may not exactly be tapped into the realm of YouTube lovers, but Nilsen and Hart have my vote to be labeled most fashionable. The second Nilsen posted to Instagram visual documentation of the event at hand, I aww-ed at Hart’s admiring gaze into her girlfriend's eyes, and ahh-ed at Nilsen’s elegant ensemble.

When I think weddings, I instantly think cocktail dresses and with a metallic sheen or floral detailing across a one shouldered bodice. Here, Nilsen is very modern, yet on-trend with the '90s style. This co-ord style resembles the hot pink co-ord prom dress of Larisa Oleynik as Bianca Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Wherever Nilsen's impeccable ensemble inspiration stemmed from, I'm giving it two thumbs up and a ten on the Julia Horniacek style scale. If you're as in love with this young woman's crop top and maxi skort as I am, check out below how you can get Nilsen's fall nuptials look to wear to the next fancy shindig requiring your attendance.

The Top:

Rehab In The End Mint Crop Top, $20.00,

Because the skirt is white, you can really pair it with any color crop top, but I'm providing you with a mint option.

The Skirt

Vivian Chan Rosie Skort, $248.00,

There are a list of reasons why I love Nilsen's Instagram photos, one of the top five being that she often tags the designer of her clothing so that you and I can be cool like her and dress the part of a YouTube celeb. This is the exact skort Nilsen wore to the ceremony photographed above, and though it may be a little pricey, this is easily a piece that can be worn to work, to brunch, and beyond.

Images: Touchstone Pictures (1); Courtesy Brands (2)