10 Trending Feminist Names For Baby Girls

After seeing that Elsa was on the baby name rise, we found badass baby names for girls to counter that noise. We’ve also found the retro feminist baby names, and some other essentials to consider. And now, we have the crème de la crème. The big kahuna. Because these baby names are badass, feminist and on the rise.

Naming a baby is big. Not like ~picking a college~ big. More like "this is a name someone is going to have forever, and if they hate it, it's my fault" big. See where I'm going with this? As much as it sounds exciting, and beautiful, it also sounds really alarming. Like, your child will bear this name forever, long after you're gone. (That is, unless they change their names for personal reasons, which can be super empowering — but in general, most of us stick with whatever we got on the first name lotto.)

The point is, you need all the info you can get, and the more the info, the better. We’ve researched, cross-referenced, and Googled the hell out of these names to give you some quality feminist help on baby names that are trending right now. Whether you're expecting, trying to get pregnant, or have no interest in kids and instead are just here for the fun (anybody writing a novel?), you’ll be able to find one you feel a connection with. Here are 10 trending feminist baby names for girls:

1. Sophia

The lady on the right is Sophia, and she is obviously a winner. It means "wisdom" in Greek and it carries a strong meaning, and is becoming immensely popular.

2. Amelia

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It means "work," and has German origins. Strong feminist symbols come along with this name: Amelia Earhart (obviously), kid's book star Amelia Bedelia (slightly less obvious).

3. Mia

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Mia Farrow the later years, and the early years.

It means "mine," which can mean a lot of things to you, but in a feminist way, might symbolize that your girl is going to Her Own Person. And if she's a little head strong, so be it. Also a perk is that it sounds like Maya. As in Angelou. As in also one of my namesakes and a Phenomenal Woman. (Subtle poetry pun.)

4. Adalyn

It's increasing popularity in 2015 (an up and comer, for damn sure) and means "noble one."

5. Estelle

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As in, "we 'bout to get down." Just kidding — this name doesn't have to come with a connotation to the song "American Boy," though it certainly can. It means "star."

6. Norah

It means "woman of honor," so everybody get ready to follow these ladies into battle, figurative and/or literal.

7. Lucille

This name got some bad press thanks to the Bluth family (kidding, where are my "Arrested Development" fans at?), but it's coming up in the ranks. It means "light." As in, "Hi, my kid is the light of your life, and everyone's life around her." POWERFUL.

8. Reagan

This is a strong unisex name meaning "little king," but takes on strength in a new way when given to a girl, because she can make it her own. And be a little queen! Or a little king. Whatever she likes.

9. Ruth

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We all know a feminist Ruth after our own hearts: the good ol' RBG. This name is of Hebrew origin and means "compassionate friend." Fierce.

10. Ellen

While Nameberry ranks it low on their site, it's on the emerging top baby names of 2015 list. It sounds a little old school, but Ellen is making a comeback, and is a steady, reliable name. It means "bright, shining light" and is actually a variation on the name "Helen."

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