Soldier Surprises Sorority Sisters With Homecoming

Sometimes it seems there are not nearly as many positive things going viral as there are negative, which is why this video of a military woman's surprise homecoming to her sorority sisters is such a joy to watch. Just look into the crying faces and the energy these girls show when alum Ty Bates comes home for Sigma Sigma Sigma bid day at Wingate University after joining the military last year. It's enough to hit anyone in the feels.

This isn't just heartwarming to watch because of all the sisterly love, but because Greek life seems to have gotten a bad rap in the news lately — particularly after the absurdly expensive sorority recruitment videos went viral last month. So it's nice to see a video like this show shed some light on the positive aspects of Greek life. Maybe this should be the new recruitment video instead?

It’s great to see a college institution show support for someone brave enough to fight for our country. It’s even more amazing that I’ve never seen something like this before. Have other videos like this existed, or did we just witness the birth of a brand new genre of viral “soldier coming home” videos?

Here Are The Sigma Sigma Sigma Sisters Welcoming Ty Home

Just look at that crowd go. This clip doesn't do it justice. You need to hear the screams to get the full picture! Feel free to check out the full video below, complete with sound.

Now let me show you what their adorable bum rush reminds me of:

1. Baby Ducks

So. Much. Cute.

2. Puppies (Duh)


And finally....

3. Japanese Game Show Prank

I'm very proud of this one, you guys. (OK, OK, so maybe Ty didn't run in fear, but their excitement here is pretty accurate.)

Welcome home, Ty!

Images: YouTube(3), Giphy(2)