These Sorority Recruitment Videos Probably Cost More Than You'll Make This Year — VIDEO

I want to start by making clear that I have nothing against sororities — I fully believe that they can provide great experiences for the people who love them. That said, what the hell is going on in these crazy expensive looking sorority recruitment videos? I mean, when did this become a thing? Is it a thing? How much do these cost? Just … why? I’m so confused.

It turns out that there are quite a few of these fancy sorority recruitment videos floating around YouTube (Gawker suggests that they started cropping up circa 2010), but perhaps none is as ambitious as the one recently released by Alpha Phi from the University of Alabama. The video shows Alpha Phi sorority sisters frolicking around Bryant-Denny Stadium with University of Alabama running back Kenyan Drake. When they’re not doing cartwheels in the stadium, they’re leaning from the balconies of their massive sorority house and hanging out at a lake. Not a bad life, right?

Now having watched a number of these elaborate recruitment videos (Can I just say that sometimes my job is really strange?), I’ve identified a few common themes from this burgeoning genre (These images are taken from the Alpha Phi video and another from ZTA, also a University of Alabama sorority):


A lot of them.


I know that sororities around the country are filled with lots of different types of people, but the Alpha Phi video really isn't doing much to dispel the stereotype that all sorority girls are blonde and white.


Ha ha ha! Life is hilarious!


Releasing balloons! Blowing glitter into a lake! So fun!

But who is cleaning that sh*t up? I’m asking.


Who knows why?

Watch the full videos below and weep (with jealousy? despair? confusion? I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now):

Images: Youtube (9)