This 'BB17' Finale Clip Has Some Major Spoilers

by Emily Lackey

I don’t think I can wait any longer! The Big Brother 17 season finale is set to air on Wednesday night, and all of my speculations and questions will finally be answered. Who will win the HoH challenge, who will win America’s Favorite Houseguests, and — most importantly — who will ultimately win the game? By the end of Wednesday night, all of these questions and more will be answered. In the meantime, I’m biting my nails down to the wick while I wait for more information. Which is why I freaked out when I saw that The Hollywood Reporter released a clip from tonight’s Big Brother season finale. The video, which is less than a minute long, shows the final three in a heated battle for the final Head of Household (see video below). And even though the clip is short, it gives away some pretty telling information about how this season’s finale is going to go down.

First of all, it is clear from the clip that this Head of Household competition is one of the fiercest this season. The clip opens on Vanessa, Steve, and Liz all clinging to their ropes — except now they are covered in red “candy” from the dipping pool. Clearly they’ve been at this a while. "I think we're going to see the sun rise," Steve says in the clip.

They've been at it so long in fact that the producers decide to throw a twist in at the last minute. Because none of them have dropped yet, they change the rules: the players have to leave the wooden disks and scoot down to the balls for the rest of the game. It turns out, though, that really complicates things — because, as Liz says in a Diary Room clip included in the video, that makes things about twenty times harder. It’s harder to keep your balance and to stay on the ball because it’s so slippery.

The other thing that the video reveals is that these three players are going to be fighting hard to the very end. The clip might be short, but it’s clear from the way that they’re holding on and fighting hard to win Head of Household that all three of them will do anything to win this game. And you know what that means: This finale is going to be awesome.

Think about it: for the first time in a long time, there are no floaters that made it through to the final three. Vanessa, Steve, and Liz are some of the hardest players in the game. So it’s no surprise that this video shows them fighting to hang in there as if their lives depended on it. And this is just Part 1 of the HoH competition! If they’re fighting that hard for one third of the battle, then you can bet this finale is going to be fierce.

So remember, don’t miss the finale tonight. After seeing these three duke it out in the HoH competition, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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Image: CBS (2)