Why Clay Is A Bad Influence On Shelli On 'BB17'

by Emily Lackey

In my Big Brother loving world, Clay Honeycutt is the talk of the town. And it’s not, as some of you might believe, because of his good looks. It’s not even because I often misspell his name in what has been the ultimate Freudian Slip as “Clay Honeybutt.” No. It’s because the showmance between Clay and Shelli has got me all kinds of riled up. And not in a good way. I have a sixth sense when it comes to insincere men, and my douche alert is ringing LOUDLY for this one. I could be really wrong about their relationship, but it seems all kinds of suspicious to me. Mainly because it seems to be hurting Shelli more than it seems to be helping her in this game.

And Shelli is just going along, thinking everything is great. Meanwhile, every episode I want to reach through the television and shake her silly. DON’T DO IT, SHELLI, I want to say. HE’S NOT WORTH THE $500K! Because, when it comes to the Big Brother competition, isn’t that what every decision you make is worth? And, trust me on this: Clay is NOT worth $500K. Not after some of the terrible ways he’s influenced Shelli’s behavior and game. Whatever happened to love changing you for the better? No ma’am. Not in this relationship. When it comes to Clay and Shelli, he has only had a negative influence on her in this game. And here’s why.

He’s Made Her Cocky

Shelli is getting a little comfortable after her time as HoH. Her alliance with Clay has made her kind of cocksure when it comes to the power she wields in the house, which is never a good thing.

Their Power Couple Is Going to Fail. Hard.

Did they really think this through? Like, what if one of them gets evicted and the other is left on their own? Or what if it makes more sense in the game to align with someone else? By binding themselves so tightly to each other, they can be sure they won’t stand a chance of earning anyone else’s trust.

He Pissed Off Their Allies

Da’Vonne was an awesome go-between with James and Jason. But, when Clay ran his mouth and offended Da’Vonne, he totally ruined Shelli’s chances of crossing the bridge and making even stronger allies.

He Asks Too Many Questions

Shelli scolded him one night in the HoH suite about how he gives away too much information when he asks a bunch of questions. Not a good friend to have in the Big Brother house.

He Never Listens

Another word of advice Shelli had for him: Listen more than you speak. Clay misses out on critical information because he’s too busy talking to hear what other people are saying. Not the best resource for Shelli to have on her side.

He Makes Her Game Too Obvious

Canoodling in the HoH Suite. Snuggling up on the hammock. Talking openly about who they’re trying to vote out. Come on, man. You have to be more discrete about your game in this house. Even I know that!

Basically I’m starting to think that Clay is totally to blame for the target that is currently on Shelli’s back. If she stands any chance in this game, she’ll cut him loose as quickly as she can.

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Image: Giphy (2); CBS (5)