New 'Girls' Season 3 Trailer Shows Hannah's In Limbo & Marnie's Really Into Working Out

The more promotional material that HBO releases for the new season of Girls, the more excited I get about the prospect of this season actually presenting consistently good episodes instead of the hit-or-miss standard that was last season of this show. Case-in-point: This new trailer for Season 3 of Girls , which is doing a great job of reminding me why I loved the series in the first place. Jessa's back! Hannah maybe got a book deal! Marnie's... going through some stuff, but at least her hair looks good! Shoshanna managed to reference Deepak Chopra in an insult! Yay!

As the last trailer indicated, things seem to be looking up for Hannah since she missed her major book deadline last season and ended up stabbing her eardrum in a cringeworthy scene with a cotton swab. She and Adam are officially back together, and it looks like their relationship has reached some level of maturity — as mature as two twenty-somethings in a relationship can be, anyway.

Things with Marnie, on the other hand, aren't so great: After getting back together with Charlie in the Season 2 finale, she's once again single, and working to figure out what she wants to do with her life while she works at Ray's coffee shop and starts working out obsessively. Shoshanna seems to be avoiding Ray at all costs since breaking up with him last season to experience new relationships with new guys, and for Jessa... well, it's not clear what's going on with Jessa, but she looks fabulous.

Check it all out for yourself below. The new season of Girls will premiere on HBO Jan. 12 at 10 p.m. ET.


Image: HBO