'Girls' Is Going to Be Good Again

Finally, it's here. The Girls Season 3 trailer has dropped (despite previous teasers that involved nothing more than GIFs and one Instagram video from Lena Dunham) we get a glimpse at what life in Brooklyn looks like after the events of Season 2's somewhat perplexing, if not disappointing, season finale.

Last season on Girls, we were left with something of a disappointing season finale. After Hannah let herself become alienated from everyone she cared about, she began down a rabbit hole that ended with her facetime-ing with Adam until he rescued her from her book deadline like a princess from the tower. At the same moment, Marnie had her happy ending with Charlie and Shoshanna finally decided to bet on herself instead of Ray. Some thought this was a fairy tale, other posited that it was a fairy tale wrapper that we were supposed to look under ourselves to see the mess below. Either way, it was a strange end-cap on a season that held many perfect moments (Hannah's encounter with the wealthy Brooklyn doctor played by Patrick Wilson, for one) and a slew of questionable ones (hello, Marnie's post-"Stronger" cover desk sex).

With the Season 3 trailer finally upon us, we can remember the past, but look forward to the possibility of Girls' future, which entails more Jessa, Hannah with a job, and cuddly Adam. But more specifically, it entails these items, which just might restore our faith in the HBO series. (Who are we kidding, it's got us riled and ready for the new season. Is it here yet?)

The season premiere is two episodes.

There's always a greedy inkling that comes over anyone when watching the first new episode of a season of television. Especially in the case of HBO and AMC series, we've waited almost an entire year for the series to return, how dare we be asked to subsist with just one episode? Girls loves us enough to know we need more when it returns on Jan. 12 at 10 PM. Thank you, Girls.

Jessa. So much Jessa.

Okay, so in the trailer we see her signature eye roll and she's in the group shot. But she's not the absent, hollow voice who welcomes Hannah's horrible voicemail with a recorded greeting and that's exciting.

Jessica Williams, Daily Show Correspondent and Very Funny Lady, is Here

We've got proof (besides Lena Dunham's Instagram over the summer).

Marnie is not okay, and she knows it. Kind of.

Well, she's not okay now, but she's like okay. From the looks of this trailer, she might be attempting to face her issues head on with excerise, day time naps, and red wine. You know, like a normal person who doesn't think "Stronger" needs to be sung as a ballad in front of an entire start-up. Though, we are wondering how the show deals with Charlie leaving — is that why she's not okay again?

These are the one-liners We're Going to Start using all the time. You cannot stop us.

In many cases, the use of these lines will be with a touch of facetiousness. Examples include:

  • "You know what, Adam? It's really liberating to say 'no' to shit you hate." - Hannah
  • "I may not seem okay and I might not be okay now, but I'm okay." - Marnie
  • "I am trying to follow the protocols of a gentleman and a squire." - Ray
  • "I'm not interested in anything they have to say. That's not the point of friendship." - Hannah
  • "I feel like I'm a person who like can't keep my mouth shut." - Hannah
  • "It's amazing to realize that I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind." - Hannah

Okay, most of them are Hannah. Sorry she says insane, borderline amazing things.

And Andrew Rannells is back (despite the fake out last year)

Rannells said he was leaving Girls for The New Normal, but when that NBC series hit the fan, he came back and we get a fleeting glimpse of our dear Elijah at the very end of the trailer. And it's wonderful.

Images: HBO