How To Be Kim K. & North West For Halloween

by Lindsey Rose Black

Halloween is definitely an opportunity to do some serious bestie bonding, whether it's one of your BFFs or all of them. When it comes to fashionable, yet on trend matching ensembles, you and your best should definitely consider a Kim Kardashian and North West Halloween costume this ear! It's bound to be one the funnest (and probably funniest) costume duos no matter where Halloween night takes you.

Little North West is already proving to be quite the fashionista, and emulating one of her and Kim Kardashian's looks means you have thousands (like literally thousands) of outfit ideas to pull from! I guess I can't be so surprised by the matching mother-daughter outfit vibes given North West's parents' dressing habits. I mean, how many times have Kanye and Kim Kardashian stepped out in matching ensembles?

But where do you even begin? How could one possibly choose one of the many outfits they both wear on the daily together? After scanning their adorable matching outfits, I found the ultimate winner: Yeezy 2 season matching Kim K. and North West. Since Kanye is still hush hush on where exactly you can get the Yeezy line (and it's pretty dang expensive), I rounded up a far more budget-friendly way to pull the looks off!

Whether you're Kim K. or North West in this hilarious costume, you and your pal are sure to have fun and cause lots of laughs.

Without further ado, here's how to pull of Kim K. & North West this Halloween.

For Kim Kardashian:

1. Nude Duster

(Duster Coat, $44, Boohoo)

Warm, nude, and totally wearable after Halloween!

2. Nude High-Waisted Leggings

(Amerikan Apparel Cotton Spandex Leggings, $28,

Another wardrobe staple you'll definitely keep around.

3. Nude Body Suit

(American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Halter One-Piece Leotard, $25,

Ballerina on fleek.

After putting on the outfit, don't forget to slick your hair back into a low pony!

For North West:

1. Nude Hoodie

(Tan Baha Hoodie, $24, SurfShop)

Girl is rocking chill chic to the max, and you get to do the same.

2. Khaki Pants

(Khaki Pants, $25, Hollister)

Cute, warm, and North West approved.

3. Brown Timberland Boots

(Brash Women's Owen Hiker Boots, $29.99,

OK, you can definitely wear these all fall and winter long. Think of it as an investment!