Claire & More Evos Disappeared On 'Heroes Reborn'

I don't know about you guys, but I am pulling for a happy ending for Noah Bennet (Horned Rimmed Glasses Man) on NBC's Heroes Reborn. Sure, he has done a lot of unsavory things in his tenure at "The Company" — kidnapping and murdering and what have you — but he also loves his daughter, Claire, more than anything. We saw a lot of that love during the premiere of the Heroes reboot. Before the explosion rocked Odessa, Texas, Noah was on his way to find Claire and finally heal the rift that had (presumably) only grown since we last saw them. Noah spent the majority of the episode thinking his daughter was killed in the terrorist attack, but after investigating the crime, finally learned that she was not at the bombed convention. So what happened to Claire during the Heroes Reborn tragedy? Is she still alive?

We don't really know. The Evos have been hunted down and driven into hiding, so it's possible she made it to Canada. The lack of Evos was very noticeable during the first episode, though there were a few powered people who will take the lead with the cheerleader out of the picture. If Noah succeeds in finding Molly Walker (before The Company does), he'll have a fighting chance at getting to Claire, or finding more Evos who can prevent this ominous, cataclysmic event from happening. Something tells me the missing Evos are hiding in plain sight, and will be ready to fight once Noah rallies them — if he rallies them. Beyond finding his daughter, Noah's intentions are still pretty murky, but I think he'll end up being the series' great non-Evo hero, saving the world and hopefully his daughter in the process.

Even if we never see Claire again as Hayden Panettiere reportedly will not return, I hope that she still lives and they can be reunited off screen. The worlds a bleak place, but I hope Heroes Reborn let's the Bennets have a little joy.

Image: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC