Here's How To Be 1989 T. Swift For Halloween

Happy fall, T. Swift fans! With fall comes the immediate need to indulge in pumpkin flavored everything, buy oversized sweaters, and think about what you're going to be for Halloween. If you're a good Swiftie, you've already got inspiration from her music videos, but a Taylor Swift 1989 -inspired Halloween costume is really the unique way to go. After all, you can probably thank Taylor for the resurgence of the polaroid, and what better way to celebrate your love of the singer than to be her for Halloween?

As of late, Taylor Swift has released gorgeous video after gorgeous video. The stunning singer started out by blowing our minds with her cinematic, visual representation of "Blank Space." Basically, the video was a preppy fashion dream. Rocking her signature red lip, Taylor stood atop a gorgeous white horse in killer riding boots and a flowing white top. Then, Swift majorly changed up her style game when she released "Bad Blood." With sexy futuristic fashion, the looks are exactly what you'd want to rock if you were going for a slick, sexy costume this Halloween. Perhaps the piece de resistance of T. Swift's collection of fashionable vids is "Wildest Dreams." While the video has undergone criticism, I can't deny the incredible Old Hollywood glam looks. From her adorable — but non belly button baring — coords to her brunette locks and red lips, this video is perfect for the brunette T. Swift fan or the girl who's got a love of retro fashion.

While all of these videos offer tons of inspiration for your Halloween costume, I still think being a T. Swift polaroid will be the most fun. So what do you need?

Red Lip

Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $26, Nars

Taylor herself has said this lip pencil is one of her go to shades of red. Want to get that gorgeous, shaped up red lip for your polaroid costume, definitely grab this product.

Oversized Sweatshirt

1989 Taylor Swift Long Sleeve Top, $59.89, Taylor Swift

Fun story: Taylor sells the same long sleeve sweatshirt she's rocking on the 1989 album cover in her online store. It's the perfect choice, but if you've got a similar sweatshirt, save yourself some money because the most important part of the ensemble is next.


While you may need to purchase a sweatshirt and a red lipstick for your polaroid look, the last two items will be free or even super cheat. Basically, you'll need a large piece of cardboard (or a box, according to the above YouTube video) to create the frame of a polaroid. Make sure to leave space at the bottom for the album name.


Sharpie Permanent Marker 5 Pack, $6.46, Wal-Mart

You've got to write that signature T.S 1989 inscription on your polaroid frame. Once you've complete that step you've got the costume that will make Swiftie's everywhere jealous.

Images: Taylor Swift '1989', Courtesy of brands