28 Insanely Clever Pun Costumes For Halloween

I don't think I need to remind you what Halloween is all about: eating candy shaped like ghosts, drinking pumpkin beer in an over-crowded bar, and coming up with DIY pun Halloween costumes good enough to circulate on Pinterest for months after you wore it. Gone are the days when you could run to the store and drop $80 on a "sexy" costume that four other girls at the party would be wearing besides you. Halloween costumes now have to be made by hand, and they have to be unique.

If you want to do something smart, funny, a little tongue-in-cheek, and totally different than everyone else, you have to go with a pun costume. There are so many different options, and most of them are super easy to create on your own. This means they're cheap, and they're great as a last-minute option if you totally forgot that Halloween was coming up. Plus, pun costumes will get a laugh out of at least a few people, which is always a nice way to make yourself feel good.

And what better way to come up with a unique idea than to get inspiration from the Internet, huh? These 28 insanely clever pun costumes are so awesome, you'll actually have a hard time choosing just one of them. Ready to impress everyone around you with your hilarious costume? Check these out, and start crafting.

1. Curiosity Killed The Cat

This is just creepy enough for some spooky Halloween fun, and it's a cute idea that combines cat ears and animal makeup. What more could you want?

What You'll Need: Cat ears, face makeup, a necklace or collar with a bell on it, a spooky knife headband, a tail, some fake blood, and an all-black ensemble.

2. Life Of The Party

OK, but if you're going to dress as the life of the party, you better be ready to actually be the life of the party too!

What You'll Need: Streamers, a party hat, some bows, confetti, a fun party dress, lots of necklaces, and a DIY sign that says "Life."

3. Taco Belle

You get to be a Disney princess, and the hero who brings tacos to the party. It's a win/win for everyone.

What You'll Need: A Belle costume or yellow maxi dress, heels, a giant box of tacos to carry around, and a Disney princess-worthy hairstyle.

4. Black-Eyed Peas

Want to do a matching costume with your best friend? This one literally could not be easier.

What You'll Need: Black t-shirts and pants, makeup for a fake black eye, and a giant letter "P" for your shirts.

5. Bee-Yonce

It's safe to say that this is the best costume of all time, and that this girl has won Halloween forever.

What You'll Need: A bumblebee costume, or a black and yellow striped shirt (you can easily craft that too!), bee wings, bee headband, and a giant DIY necklace that says "YONCE." Bonus points if you carry around a portable speaker that plays Beyonce songs.

6. Ice Ice Baby

Has there ever been a more magical group costume? I think not.

What You'll Need: Two friends, two light blue or silver dresses, silver tinsel to create little headbands and crowns, markers, a onesie, and a pacifier and/or baby bottle.

7. A Shooting Star

Simple and classic. It doesn't get much more last-minute than that!

What You'll Need: Cardboard stars to wear as a necklace or glue onto your clothes, a dress of your choice, and a little plastic water gun.

8. I'm In A Pickle

By far one of the most creative pun costumes I've seen on the Internet. And that's saying a lot!

What You'll Need: A pickle costume. OK, fine — you can make your own with green fabric or felt, a marker or paint, or even a long green dress with green tights and shoes. Add a sign that says "Help! I'm in a little bit of a..." and you're ready to party.

9. Ariana Grande

GET IT?! R E On A Grande?! This is pure genius.

What You'll Need: White cardboard cut into the shape of a Starbucks cup, heavy duty string to wear around your neck, a print-out of the Starbucks logo, and two homemade signs for the "R" and the "E."

10. A Formal Apology

A little played out by now? Possibly, but it's still adorable.

What You'll Need: Your fanciest formal dress, and a sash or sign that says, "I'm sorry."

11. A Corndog

The fairy floss idea is cute too, but the corndog really stole my heart. Grab your best friend or significant other, and make this work!

What You'll Need: A yellow dress, a marker or paint to create the look of corn on the cob, green material to glue on the side of the dress (or you can make a little green stem hat if you'd like), or just add a green cardigan and call it a day. For the dog: face paint, dog ears, a tail, and a furry top.

12. Crazy Cat Lady

Want to dress like a cat, but not a totally boring cliche cat? Go with this slightly creepy version.

What You'll Need: A straight jacket, or a white button-down shirt or sheet made to look like one, cat ears, a cat tail, face paint for slashes and cat makeup, and maybe some fake blood.

13. Green With Envy

THIS, my friends, is what a good last-minute costume looks like. It costs almost nothing, and makes a good couples costume.

What You'll Need: All green everything, and a sign that says "envy." Literally that's all you need. You can even just do this yourself if you don't want to use a partner.

14. Cardiac Arrest

This is a Halloween costume for all you science majors out there. Make it a cute BFF costume!

What You'll Need: A red dress and tights, or red fabric to create the look of a heart. You'll also need a cop costume (or your DIY version of one), and handcuffs.

15. Jack In The Box

OK, so maybe this one works better if your name is "Jack," but... who says you can't do it anyway?

What You'll Need: A box cut open with a heavy-duty string on it to wear around your waist, and a sign that says "Jack."

16. Web Server

YASS, girl, slay. This is so creative and different!

What You'll Need: A waitress/waiter costume, or just an all-black ensemble with an apron and maybe a pad and pen. Print out a picture of a computer, tape or glue it to a plate, put a napkin on your arm, and carry the plate around all night.

17. Freudian Slip

This one is getting more and more popular as the years go by, but it's still an excellent classic.

What You'll Need: A slip or a slip dress, and a marker to write a bunch of "Freudian" words on your dress.

18. Dust Bunny And Bread Winner

Two for the price of one! Just throwing in a bonus for y'all. You can thank me later.

What You'll Need: A medal to wear or trophy to carry, and either a crafted bread costume, or a bag of bread to carry around. For the dust bunny: a maid costume, bunny ears and tail, and obviously a duster or broom.

19. Pig In A Blanket

The animal ones might be the cutest ones — this is so awesome. Not to mention warm and cozy, which is perfect if it's a chilly night.

What You'll Need: Pig ears, a pig nose (or face makeup to create one), and a pig tail. Bonus if you wear an all-pink outfit. Add a blanket, of course!

20. French Kiss

I'm not saying this costume will encourage someone cute to French kiss you, but I'm not not saying it either.

What You'll Need: A striped shirt, a beret, a rolling pin or baguette, and lots of face makeup.

21. Lorde Of The Rings

Dang, you are going to be so pop culture-savvy in this genius costume idea.

What You'll Need: An all-black outfit, a curling wand to create Lorde's signature curls, a hat, and as many rings as you can fit on your fingers.

22. Holy Cow

It's hard to get cuter than this. Plus, you can make everyone bow down to you all night because you're so holy.

What You'll Need: A cow costume or a white or black shirt with spots painted on, cow ears, the Bible, and rosary beads or a cross necklace.

23. Monkey Business

This looks like your chance to be the most comfortable and the smartest person at every party. Take it now.

What You'll Need: A monkey costume or onesie (or craft something), monkey ears, a tie, and a blazer.

24. Starbucks

Not only is this cute and clever, it's also the perfect excuse to drink Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes all night long.

What You'll Need: Cardboard or stars or stickers, dollar bills, some glue to attach them to your shirt, and maybe a Starbucks cup. Bonus points if you go for the green wig!

25. French Toast

Is anyone else getting hungry from looking at this costume, or is it just me?

What You'll Need: A striped shirt, a red scarf, a beret, and cardboard and paint to make a giant toast necklace-type of deal.

26. Oh Deer

My favorite part of this costume is the hair — look at those cute little buns!

What You'll Need: A brown shirt or dress, deer antlers in headband form (or sticks to create this cute hair style), and a white marker to write "Oh" somewhere.

27. Leggo My Eggo

Quite possibly the most perfect couple/best friend costume that ever existed.

What You'll Need: Lots of crafting abilities! A box to create a Lego head, a Lego sign to put on a shirt, and cardboard with paint and markers to create a wearable Eggo waffle.

28. Banana Split

So simple, so fun... just not the most comfortable. But hey, what can you do?

What You'll Need: A banana costume... and the ability to do the splits all night long.

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Image: Karen/Flickr