You Have To See 'Big Brother' Steve As A Rat

Rodents are having a moment right now. They're stealing pizza, they're showing up on CBS reality shows, and they're steeling their way in our hearts. I hope Big Brother 17 houseguest Steve realizes that rats are so hot right now, because when Johnny Mac called him a rat on the Big Brother finale, the dentist and recent evictee probably didn't mean any harm. The quote "Steve is a rat!" happened during the first jury roundtable, filmed outside and earlier in the week. When Dr. Will asked the jury members what they thought of Steve, Johnny Mac was giving Steve a compliment: a rat goes and hides in the corner when trouble starts, then re-appears when it is all safe. And Mac's not wrong! Steve does that.

Steve has been in and out of dark corners, shielding himself from harm. Remember when Steve would just squirrel away and talk to the cameras? And how he'd be somewhat off putting, but ultimately harmless? And how he'd run through the New York City subway tracks and squeezing his body through small holes?

Once Steve is free from his prison cell and is able to watch the season from the comfort of his own living room, I hope he's as flattered by Johnny Mac's "rat" comment as he should be. Rats are smart. Rats are ... cute?? Rats have great hair and hell, they actually laugh. TBD on whether they say "I love you" to women like Davonne, though.

Plus, would a rat evict his friend at the last moment? Yeah, a rat would do that. Live on, Rat Steve. Live. On.

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Photos via CBS; Pixar; Samantha Rullo