Steve 'BB17' Comment Was Not Cool

I know it's not his forte, but I've got some beef with Steve's Big Brother 17 speech while evicting Vanessa. After winning the third part of the HOH competition, and earning the right to evict one of the remaining two houseguests, Steve made a speech explaining why he was going to be evicting Vanessa. In that speech, he named Vanessa one of the "strongest female players" to ever play Big Brother. Steve. Stevie B. You do know that that's not a very cool thing to say, right? In fact, it's pretty sexist.

Steve's naming Vanessa as one of the strongest female players is a sexist thing to say considering Vanessa has played one of the strongest games, period, in the recent history of Big Brother. It has nothing to do with gender, men and women are playing the same game inside the house. They are all players, they shouldn't be separated into gender categories and ranked on how they have played. Vanessa played one of the best games and happens to be female.

We know Steve gets a bit overwhelmed during these speeches — this one was live, to boot — and evicting a strong player off the cuff is certainly a nerve wrecking thing to do. Plus, Steve practiced his eviction speech for the past few days; surely he wasn't trying to take a dig at Vanessa as a woman before evicting her, right?

Carefully choosing your words is pretty damn important during the finale of Big Brother. These jury members are looking for reasons to not vote for someone, and little slip-ups like that could turn off some players.

Images: screengrab/CBS