Olivia & Jake Need To Be A Couple Again

Seriously though, how lucky is Scandal 's Olivia Pope? Not only is she absolutely brilliant as a Washington, D.C. fixer, but two political hotshots are in love with her: Powerful President Fitzgerald Grant and mysterious operative Jake Ballard. As Scandal returns on Thursday night, I have to wonder: Will Olivia and Jake get back together? The trailer for the Season 5 premiere shows Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) reunited and steaming up the screen. It looks like the two star-crossed lovers are finally free to be together after Fitz demanded a divorce from First Lady Mellie (Bellamy Young), who became elected to the Senate after she gave into Rowan's shifty blackmailing.

But, is anything ever really over in the Scandal universe? I don't believe for a second that B613 is dead, and I surely don't think the relationship between Olivia and Jake is permanently caput. I know that Fitz and Olivia have the grand promise of their house and life in "Vermont" (in quotes because it's not just a U.S. state, but a concept), but that has always been a fantasy — and literally was last season, when she was abducted. Meanwhile Olivia and Jake are less fantasy and more realistic. I feel like the best way to put it is: Fitz is the idealized bad boy who neglects you, yet you can't help but lust for him you're young, but Jake is the good guy who's actually there for you and loves you and you appreciate him more as a mature adult.

I don't know about you, but I'm Team Jake, because he is clearly the better man for Olivia and here's why.

1. He Knows What He Wants

Jake isn't interested in any other women (that we know of). He wants Olivia and has let her know that several times. As for what she wants, well, she tends to go back and forth.

2. He Knows What Olivia Needs

If she needs space, Jake gives her space. If Olivia needs support, he lends it to her. But, he also knows when to draw the line — he's no booty call.

3. They're Sexually Compatible

Sure, Fitz and Olivia know how to steamy up an oval office, but Jake and Liv are just as hot.

4. He Stands Up For Himself

Jake reminds Olivia that he's not her booty call or her fling. In my favorite line, he once told her "I don't play second fiddle to anyone. Even the President." Jake is a man who knows his worth, and, while he loves Olivia, he won't let her lead him on if she's not all in.

5. And He Protects Olivia

Jake has not once flinched when it has come to defending the honor of his lady love. But, he also respects when she doesn't need his saving.

6. Jake & Olivia Have Something Real

Fitz and Olivia have their mythical "Vermont" paradise — sure, he bought the house, but will they ever live in it? As for Jake and Olivia, their love is right now and in real places. A real trip to paradise, where they soaked up actual sunlight. In her apartment. In his apartment. Real places that exist — no quotations, concepts, or fantasies needed.

Right now, Olivia wants Fitz. But, hey, it's Scandal — and if past seasons are any indication, anything could happen in Season 5. Anything.

Images: Nicole Wilder/ABC; Giphy (5)