Transcript Of Audrey's 'Big Brother 17' Finale Speech Proves She's A Winner Even Though She Was Evicted


This summer CBS made history when Big Brother 17 cast Audrey Middleton as the first transgender houseguest. And, it's been a crazy ride for her ever since. On night one Audrey revealed her gender identity to the houseguests and they were overwhelmingly supportive of her, which was amazing to see. From there, though she was evicted pretty early on, Audrey has only continued to help inspire people both in and out of the transgender community. On the  Big Brother 17 finale Audrey made an inspiring speech about her time in the house, and how it's affected her. Through tears, she managed to sum everything up in a really sweet way. The transcript of Audrey's speech will give you all the feels, so be prepared.

When asked about her status as the first transgender houseguest and how things have changed for her post BB, Audrey told Julie Chen and the audience exactly how she was feeling, and it was super heart-warming.

Rock on, Audrey. You're a total winner in my book, and I'm glad America has been responding the same way.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; sunrisealliance/Tumblr