The 'BB17' Winner's Reaction Is Priceless

Taking home the top prize on Big Brother is of course an exciting occasion, but Steve's reaction to winning Big Brother 17 was priceless. With his eyes closed, hand over his mouth, and some classic Steve wheezing, the BB17 winner looked like he was going to hyperventilate and faint when host Julie Chen announced his name. Steve has done some pretty eccentric but ultimately adorable things this season, but this priceless reaction face takes the cake.

But you really can't blame Steve for acting the way he did when he found out he won BB17. I mean, Liz got three votes, and one of them was inexplicably Vanessa's. That coupled with the fact that the jury's deliberation from earlier in the night seemed to suggest that Liz had this thing in the bag.

Let's not forget that Steve is also a college student who just won $500,000. He can either now blow that on some nice audio recording equipment or whatever he does with his sound engineering or save it to pay off what will could be his many college loans. He did say he didn't expect to win but now thinks he'll do "a lot of saving and being very smart with" his prize money. But for tonight, bask in your victory while you can, Steve! It's hard out there for an adult.

Seriously. It was a thing of beauty, and something you just have to see to believe. Replay it over and over again until the unbridled joy rubs off on you. Can you feel it yet?

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Image: CBS