Seeing John & Steve's Nerdmance On 'Big Brother 17' Shows Vanessa Made The Right Move In Keeping Liz In The Game

It's unfortunately that time of the Big Brother season where the final three houseguests have a fancy brunch and reminisce about some of the biggest moments of the season. This is also known as the clip show of the season where you have to re-watch parts of the show you've seen already, making it generally one big snoozefest. However, once in a while Big Brother is kind enough to provide us with some unaired footage from the season, and Sunday night's episode did not disappoint. BB17 showed us just how deep John and Steve's nerdmance went during the season, which proves Vanessa was right to bring Liz with her to the final three.

Since the beginning of BB17, the questions wasn't if John and Steve would have a nerdmance but when. These two young guys were some of the more, shall we say, eccentric houseguests this summer, and they both have a knack for math and science with Steve a sound engineering undergraduate and John a dentist. John and Steve are basically a match made in nerd heaven.

That was made abundantly clear during Sunday night's episode as we saw more of John and Steve's nerdmance play out on screen than ever before. The two of them enjoyed doing that weird grunt thing John does, hanging out on the hammock, hugging each other, and even cuddling for a hot second. Hey, as John said, there doesn't have to be anything sexual about it.

After the last eviction when Vanessa ousted John from the house and kept Liz, I thought she made a terrible mistake. Liz is better at competitions than John, and she has two guaranteed votes in the jury from Austin and her twin Julia.

However, getting a new, in-depth, up-close look at John and Steve's nerdmance reminded me just how close these two dudes were in the house and how likely it would have been for them to have taken each other to the final two, not Vanessa. She was well aware of this when she nominated John and Steve for eviction last week, even referring to John and Steve as a showmance with a tight bond akin to the one the actual showmance of Liztin had.

We'll have to wait until the BB17 finale on Wednesday night to see if in fact Vanessa did make the right move. Luckily, that's also when John and Steve will be reunited for the first time since John was evicted from the house. Whoever the winner of BB17 ends up being, I am just so ready to see John and Steve nerd out with each other once again.

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Images: CBS; poptv/Tumblr