The 'BB17' Clelli Reunion Was Everything

After spending numerous days apart split between the real world and the jury house, Shelli and Clay reunited at the Big Brother 17 finale. Many doubters of the Shay/Clelli romance believed it would be dead after Clay was evicted and sent home, and Shelli was evicted but sent to live in the sequestered jury house. But, if the Clelli reunion hug at the finale was any indication, this romance is still going strong. Shelli was so excited to see Clay that she even sat with the non-jury houseguests at the finale — right next to Clay. Whether that was her decision, or a producer's, it was still super cute.

Although, nothing is as cute as the Clelli hug that happened behind Julie Chen as she bid goodnight to all the viewers. Julie may have been talking, but all eyes were on Shelli and Clay who found each other in the crowded room and proceeded to enter a long and lingering embrace. Will their romance stand the test of time now that they're both outside the Big Brother house? I have no idea, but I do know that of the two showmances this season, theirs is the clear winner (mostly because have you seen Clay?).

I haven't always been a Clelli fan, but if they could make it through that long separation and still look this happy to see each other afterwards, I have some serious faith in them. Congrats you crazy kids.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS