Vanessa's 'BB17' Vote Doesn't Really Make Sense

I've got a question for you. Why did Vanessa vote for Liz to win Big Brother 17 ? That's all I want to know in life (that and what really happened at the end of Inception). After this entire season of playing a pretty damn good game, Vanessa voting for Liz to win the $500,000 over Steve feels like a travesty. In the long run, it didn't make much of a difference, as Steve won Big Brother by three votes, but still. Vanessa, why?

I have to say that I'm genuinely surprised by Vanessa's vote for Liz. While Vanessa was closely aligned with Liz, she was also closely aligned with Steve. She's a fan of the game, and she should recognize a strategic game over a non-strategic one in a second. While she said that her vote was not at all based on any "hard feelings" leftover from her recent eviction by Steve, it's kind of hard to believe that. Steve clearly played the more strategic game out of the two of them; plus, he totally crushed his Q&A during the finale. Liz basically told the jury how great Austin played the game, and how she went along for the ride with her "blessing and curse" twin sister.

Vanessa said she voted for the person who "best represented" their season. Umm...

How? When? Where? Why? Liz representing Big Brother 17? I don't know if I would say that Steve would represent the season, but he does a better job than Liz. If anyone truly represents the season, it's Vanessa's beanie.

It's a little disappointing to see, but at least it didn't make or break the vote. Vanessa might be a little hurt that she was evicted so close to the end of the game (which she would have totally won, if she had made it to the finals), and I'm sure in the long run, she'll see that her vote was maybe influenced by some "hard feelings."

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Images: Screengrab/CBS