'Big Brother' Alumni React To That FInale

It's official! After 98 long days in the game, Steve Moses has won Big Brother 17. But, really, did anyone think Liz actually stood a chance? She might have if she hadn't claimed her greatest skill in the game was to essentially ride Vanessa and Austin's coattails. But, that's just my opinion. So, what do the Big Brother alumni think of Steve's victory? Was anyone team Liz? Were people bummed Vanessa's conniving ways didn't take her to the end? I mean, my guess would be that they'd all be pretty stoked that a superfan won, especially one as sweet as Steve.

But, let's not just speculate, let's check out the answers for ourselves. I hit Twitter to find the BB alumni responses, and most of them were overwhelmingly #TeamSteve. How can you not be? From Evel Dick to Dan Gheesling, they had quite a lot of opinions on Steve joining the winner's circle. It's just too bad Steve's favorite houseguest Danielle Reyes hasn't said anything yet. But his second favorite competitor Helen Kim congratulated him, so I'm sure he's flying high. There's definitely not been a shortage of alums voicing their pro-Steve thoughts.

There Were Those Who Were So Excited For Steve

It must be nice for Steve to know they all have his back.

Those Who Playfully Teased Him

It wouldn't do for the winner to pass out!

Those Who Warned Him

It's a tough life, the reality star celebrity life.

And, Those Who Looked Ahead

Um, yes to the buddy comedy ASAP, please.

I'm sure it means a lot to him to see these words of praise coming from all the stars he's watched on TV. And congratulations again, Steve! You earned it.

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Image: CBS