Vanessa Finally Came Clean On 'Big Brother 17'

Oftentimes on Big Brother, houseguests will lie about their real-life occupations if they think they'll put a target on their backs in the game. Big Brother 16 winner Derrick did this last year when he kept the fact that he is an undercover police officer a secret from his fellow houseguests. Big Brother 17 third-place winner Vanessa did the same when she entered the house at the start of the summer, telling her housemates that she is a DJ for a living and failing to mention that she is actually one of the top female poker players in the world. Well, Vanessa finally revealed her poker player status during the Big Brother 17 finale, and it was anticlimactic.

When all of the houseguests briefly reunite during the Big Brother finale, it's usually a time for them to reveal some of the biggest secrets they had been keeping for the summer. Austin explained his whole Judas alter ego, which Da'vonne summarized beautifully by saying, "So, you were, like, Austin... in a hat?" And then it was Vanessa's turn to come clean.

Vanessa told the houseguests that, while 90 percent of what she said during the season was true (yeah, right) and she is a part-time DJ, she is actually a top female poker player that has earned $4.5 million in the world poker circuit over the past 10 years. In short, Vanessa gets paid to bluff for a living, and she would've gotten away with it this season too if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Clearly, Vanessa had brought her poker skills to BB17, and she had played with a poker face on the entire time. Ba dum tissss. Except for those times when she caused a stir in the house by crying and screaming, of course.

The weird thing about this big reveal was the rest of the BB17 cast was pretty unimpressed when Vanessa told the truth about her job in real life. In fact, other than the always-looking-on-the-bright-side Shelli saying that Vanessa did a good job of keeping her secret, there was barely a peep out of them. It's shocking how no one seemed to give a damn. Either this secret was just as obvious as this year's Twin Twist or they're all just so numb from being scorned by Vanessa, they all could care less about her real occupation.

I'm just hoping Vanessa and Da'Vonne, who also hid the fact that she's a poker dealer this season, get together and have the best and probably most confrontational poker game ever.

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Image: CBS