Amelia & Owen Are 'Grey's Anatomy's Power Couple

by Lindsey Kupfer

Derek Shepherd’s death impacted the entire world, especially his sister Amelia, who pretended to be OK and then had a pretty devastating breakdown. Even before Derek’s accident, Amelia ended things with Owen, but let’s back up a little bit. Owen and Amelia’s Grey's Anatomy relationship started like all other relationships at Grey Sloan Memorial: Casual flirting and sex in an on-call room. I mean, pretty standard in the Grey’s Anatomy world. Also standard is a lot of drama caused by uncertainty in relationships, which of course can be seen between Amelia and Owen. No one can ever just be together and happy about it. It must be a Seattle thing.

So, Owen and Amelia started hooking up in the second half of the last season, and it was pretty casual, but then Meredith found out. To be honest, Meredith kind of crapped all over it and it kind of freaked Amelia out that maybe she needed to take a step back and end things. She told Owen that they need to stop and then tragedy struck and Amelia lost her brother. So, for the last three episodes of the season, she was dealing with the death, not Owen. However, in a very important moment, Owen showed up and they listened to her last voicemail message from Derek together. Maybe, just maybe, in Season 12 these two will give it another go. Let’s be honest, people usually are on-again-off-again in Shondaland until one of them dies.

They Could Be The New Meredith And Derek

I know that we are still mourning the loss of McDreamy and everyone going into this season very skeptical of what’s going to happen next. But, let’s face it, there needs to be a couple to focus on, and I firmly believe that it’s going to be Amelia and Owen. The rest of the couples are there, but have been played out too much. It’s Owen’s time.

It’s Clear There’s Something There

We all know Amelia has had trouble with relationships in the past, but it’s pretty obvious to everyone but Owen and Amelia that there is definitely a spark between them and they should give it a chance. Clearly she turns to him when she needs a shoulder, but she needs to realize that he’s way more than that. Christina didn’t realize it either, but Owen is perfect.

All Shondaland Couples Are On-Again-Off-Again

It wouldn’t be a Grey’s Anatomy relationship if they didn’t have an on-again-off-again relationship. So, because we all know how relationships work at the hospital, we can also conclude that Owen and Amelia are definitely not over yet.

We Need A Couple To Believe In

At least I do after that whole Derek death thing.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC; WiffleGif (5)