'Grey's Anatomy' Couple Owen & Amelia Are Perfect For Each Other & Definitely Deserve A Happy Ending

Grey's Anatomy has certainly put us through the emotional wringer this season, but through all the drama, there's been one shining bright spot: The budding relationship between Owen and Amelia. Amelia's pretty new to the Grey's scene (although fans of Private Practice are already familiar with her), but Owen? We've seen him struggle with tough relationship stuff for almost as long as he's been in Seattle. He and Cristina were caught in whatever it was that they were doing for years, and his other prospects? They've never been promising. And now, it's pretty clear that there are a lot of reasons why Owen and Amelia's relationship is a really good thing for him (and us!).

Because as much as I loved Owen and Cristina together when their relationship actually worked, they weren't in the same place in their lives — and they also never wanted the same things. And now that she's left the country, it's officially time for him to tackle the next adventure. I can easily see him having a future with Amelia, especially since they seem to envision the same thing down the road. And I would definitely say that, as fans, we've all earned a cute love story. Here's why Owen and Amelia have what it takes to go the distance on Grey's Anatomy.

They Have Great Chemistry

Seriously, how cute was Amelia bringing that bottle of "wine" to Owen's trailer? And so far, every scene they've had together has been pretty hot for two people who haven't even known each other that long. Attraction isn't everything in a relationship, but it's definitely important, and they have it.

They Both Have Traumatic Pasts

Between Owen's PTSD and Amelia's traumatic history, they are both plagued by their pasts. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't yet watched Private Practice and still plans to catch up on Netflix, so I'll just say this: Where Owen's night terrors due to his time in Iraq are concerned, Amelia won't have any trouble sympathizing and even understanding what he's been through, possibly more than anyone else ever could.

They Lead Similar Lifestyles

It's hard to date and be a doctor! As someone who is not a doctor but watches plenty of them on TV, I know these people have ridiculously busy schedules, sometimes work at weird times, and are incredibly dedicated to what they do — to the point where someone in a different profession might not understand. Amelia and Owen are both people who are obsessed with becoming great surgeons, and I think they both have a lot to learn from each other that will push and challenge them to get to where they want to be in their careers.

They Need Each Other

They're both doing their own thing right now, which is awesome, but it seems like they both can get lonely sometimes. Their common link is Derek — Owen's best friend and Amelia's brother — and he's tied up in making his marriage with Meredith work, as well as his whole D.C. gig. This might be the perfect time for them to begin their relationship. Besides, they're so cute, it's hard not to root for them.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC; adoringgreys, shepherdamelia (2), little-greysanatomy/Tumblr