Selena Gomez Slayed In A Sleeveless Coat Dress

When you wear four (!!!) outfits in one day, you can pretty much bet that one of them will rise to the top and be considered the best of several amazing ensembles. Selena Gomez wore four outfits in London, but the sleeveless coat dress was perfectly ladylike, fall-ready, and as chic as anything she has ever worn. It was also her best outfit of her busy press day, IMO.

Gomez also reminded us that black, opaque tights are a fall essential when wearing dresses.

Yes, her red and long-sleeved sequined Preen mini was totally scorching. But Gomez's gray coat dress, worn with black tights, was mod and modern. It had a bell-like shape and looked like a coat and a dress. Hence, a coat dress!

She could have worn it as both her frock and her outerwear and everything would have been all right with the fashion universe.

The outfit also reminded me of that time Kate Middleton paired a beige Burberry trench with tights. When in London, do as a fashionable royal, right, Gomez?

She has long established herself as one of the most chic and stylish stars of her generation, as evidenced by her girl boss pantsuit. She's not trendy and rock 'n' roll, like her pal Demi Lovato nor is she rebellious like Rihanna.

However, Gomez isn't safe with her wardrobe, since she does opt for edgy, like a leather, floor-sweeping dress. But she does veer towards classic most of the time.

The collar, the color, the buttons, and the pockets! All of the details were utterly darling.

Isn't it perfect when worn with tights and platform black heels? Why, yes, it is.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's somewhat reminiscent of Kate the Great, although her coat dress was belted and had sleeves! But the spirit is the same.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTW, here's that gown that Gomez wore. It was all leather, without being too tough or dominatrix-y.

John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And here's the red dress. Black tights... totally fall-approved.

Because I know you want to copy Gomez's look without breaking the bank, here are some comparable but not exact options. You probably want to go with sleeves, since it is going to be getting cold soon.

This woven, heather gray trench is loose and has dress-like qualities. ($83,

This wool coat dress is more tailored and fitted. ($110,

Opaque black tights are critical for this look. They add a fall-appropriate polish. No more bare legs! Save those for summer. ($10,

These chunky, Michaels Kors Mary Janes in suede are also fall-ready. They go with any neutral-colored coat and black tights... just like Selena and Kate have shown. ($150,

How's that for a chic work or dress event outfit?

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