New 'Orphan Black' Season 2 Trailer Proves Tatiana Maslany's Rachel Duncan Is Going to Be Around For Awhile

The mere words "orphan," "black," and "trailer" put together might spell massive excitement, but, unfortunately, the new Orphan Black Season 2 trailer doesn't offer anything in the form of new footage. Nor does it offer any sort of insight into what sort of trouble Tatiana Maslany's Sarah Manning will get into this season. In fact, it's better served as a debrief for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of tuning into the BBC sci-fi series, which centers on a group of clones trying to determine their past, purpose, and future. Says Maslany as Manning in the spot, "I'm part of a sisterhood of no other. A piece of the puzzle I can barely comprehend. My life is someone else's experiment."

Still, there is one hint the spot offers: Based on the trailer, we're going to be seeing a lot more of Rachel Duncan, the clone introduced briefly last season as a member of the Neolution movement. And, though her health seems to indicate otherwise, Cosima — both the scientist and her fellow Season 1 clone, Allison, will indeed be back for another go-round this April. (But, based on this interview with creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, for how long will Cosima really be around?) And though we're ecstatic that we'll get the opportunity to see Maslany continue to flex her Emmy-ignored acting muscles as newbie Rachel, this Season 2 trailer is missing one key element to Orphan Black's success: Felix. Why the snub, BBC?

Below, watch the trailer for Orphan Black Season 2, which premieres April 19 on BBC.

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