Wait, Kourtney K Vacationed... In Nature?

After the many, many Kardashian family vacations we've witnessed over the years on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, one thing is clear: These people know how to take a trip. So it's not exactly surprising that Kourtney's latest getaway is basically out of an LL Bean catalog, complete with flannel and picturesque views of nature. If you follow the oldest Kardashian sister on Instagram, you already know that Kourtney is on vacation in the mountains with friends (and her youngest son, Reign). Since the beginning of the week, she's been spamming our feeds with nonstop photos and videos from her trip, and even though plenty of people go to Montana to camp out and rough it, it's obvious that's not what Kourtney's doing. Although, really, did anyone ever think she would actually rough it? Didn't think so.

Judging from the photos, it looks like Kourtney's having a blast, and I'm glad to see she's having fun. Between the usual Kardashian Kraziness and her split with Scott Disick (something I'm still crying over, BTW), she deserves a break — especially one that comes with a fair amount of peace, quiet, and luxury.

Next time your pals want to spend time with the great outdoors, you'll probably want to convince them to take Kourtney's advice and vacation the right way. And by "the right way," I mean just as you'd expect a wealthy reality star gets in touch with nature.

You Should Bring Wine With You — Always

Suddenly, there is nothing that has ever seemed so appealing to me as drinking wine in the middle of a national park somewhere. Is that classy, or is that classy? And let's be real: Booze makes any vacation better, indoors or out.

Take Plenty Of Selfies

This one goes without saying, because it's the perfect way to remember your trip (and, you know, which flannel shirt you wore that day). And, of course, if you have to get in a weird position to make it look cool, I totally understand and your friends will too. No promises that they won't make fun of you, though.

Do Something Adventurous

A ropes course like Kourtney's will work. Plus, it makes a really cool Instagram photo when all is said and done. Can we talk about that gorgeous backdrop?!

And Obvs, Bring An Adorable Baby

Other than appearing a little confused about why his mother is wearing a squirrel on her head, Reign looks perfectly content to be hanging out in the woods somewhere. My only regret is that Mason and Penelope had to miss out on this.

Never before in my life have I ever wanted to go to Montana, but suddenly I'm feeling the urge to put on my best flannel and get out there and see some wildlife and stuff. And also, wine.