The Truth Behind Going Out With Wet Hair In Winter

I'm a fan of sleeping in, which means I have no shame hopping on the subway with wet hair on the way to work and styling it into a braid or bun before walking into my office door. My grandma knows I do this and hates it, but is it bad to go outside with wet hair in the winter for real? Are soaking locks actually to blame for a stuffy nose? This sleep-loving writer needed to know!

Turns out, wet hair in the winter won't cause you to get a cold, but there's another reason it's still wise to heed the old wives tale. According to BBC News, the uptick in colds during winter is due to people spending more times indoors bundled together (aka cooties time).

Where the statement really rings true, however, is actually for your hair itself! If you want healthy, shiny tresses, then do yourself a favor and towel dry (at the very least) before you step out into the frigid cold. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of Hair Care Rehab, spoke with KisForKinky and explained the risk for damage you run when stepping out the door with wet hair. She shared, "If your hair freezes, it becomes less pliable and is certainly more vulnerable to breakage. So beyond the obvious discomfort, it’s definitely not a good idea to go out with a wet head in below-freezing temperatures." Yowza.

Whether you just like sleeping in like me or want to emulate Beyonce's sexy wet hair look, you still need to protect your hair. I reached out to Jeannine Morris, Beauty & Wellness Reporter at to get the scoop on how!

She tells me, "If you’re in a rush, take a minute to towel dry your hair so it’s not sopping and then you want to use a product that will help control your natural texture so as it air dries, it looks polished. Make sure to use products that aren’t activated by heat since you’re skipping the blowdryer. If you’re trying to pull off the “wet hair” look from the runways, take the time to dry your hair, brushing it back without a part. Then, comb a flexible hold gel through the front, concentrating on the crown."

Morris recommended a few of her favorite products for wet-haired ladies:

1. Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccan Oil Treatment, $33, Amazon

Keep things sleek, shiny, and nourished with this oil.

2. Ion Gel Styling Mist

Ion Gel Styling Mist, $8, Sally Beauty

Frizzies be gone!

Image Credit: jayzynism/Fotolia