The Internet's Best Reactions To FB Going Down

Of all the emotional games we have played in our lives, pretending not to know that Facebook went down today was by far the most painful. Early this afternoon, the site unexpectedly shuttered right in the middle of the work day, so you couldn't exactly stand up on your desk and announce the apocalypse even though it was definitely nigh. So basically when we all burn in the flames of being cut off from all of our loose acquaintances and friends of our parents (let's be real, we're not using Facebook for anything else these days), it's because none of us had the balls to say we couldn't load our Facebook pages during our ritual noontime pee.

Facebook has already restored itself, but the internet is the Eye of Sauron — it misses nothing. It never forgives, and it NEVER FORGIVES. In the brief few minutes Facebook tanked, thousands of people flocked to Twitter and any other outlet that would hear the mighty roar of their despair, flooding social media with their woes. God #bless all the funemployed Millennials and/or media professionals responsible for the madness of the past few minutes. Here are some of the best reactions to Facebook going down today:

Image: NBC