Beyoncé's Vacations > Your Vacations

"My life." Those two simple words take on a whole new meaning when you are Beyoncé. As if the BeyHive did not know this fact already, Beyoncé offered further evidence on her website, using that phrase as a means of captioning a collection pretty envy-inducing pictures. Beyoncé posted photos of her amazing vacation on her website — and there are a ton of photos. Of course, they are all stunning.

Queen Bey had been gracing her Instagram followers with a few snaps here and there from her leisurely tour of Italy and France with husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy. But now she has offered fans an even more intimate and up close and personal look at the family getaway on Beyonce.com. The pictures showcase the luxurious adventures in places like Naples, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and Sardinia. And if you scroll over the photos, the text "my life" appears over all of them. In other words, those two simple words are giving fans and followers FOMO when it comes to the vacation of a lifetime.

But knowing Queen Bey, this is not entirely surprising. After all, this is far from the first time she has given viewers a serious case of FOMO by using her vacation pictures. She just loves to document her amazing vacations, most of which others can only experience vicariously. But hey, that's the next best thing, right?

Tour Of Italy & France

This is just one snap from her most recent vacation. As emphasized before, there are a lot more where this came from, including resort accommodations, pool life, gourmet food, and an impressive whiskey stash. Click at your own risk of jealousy.


Bey shared some gorgeous shots from the Asian country on a trip there with her hubby, including pictures of historic temple ruins. Looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Yoncé simply could not visit Hawaii with Jay for their wedding anniversary this past April and not document all the highlights from their trip. So that's exactly what she did, in the form of a video slideshow. But of course.


Bey and Jay made frolicking in the snow look like an absolute blast with an assortment of photos from their December getaway to Iceland. Though it was a somewhat unexpected locale, the natural hot springs, helicopter rides, and champagne toasts look like an amazing adventure.


Early on in 2014, Bey took a trip to Jamaica with her family and posted a bunch of photos of the getaway on her personal Tumblr page, like this one of little Blue Ivy on the beach. Envy inducing and adorable! As per usual.

South Of France

Sure, this is a throwback pic posted by Queen Bey dating all the way back to 2003 (if you can believe that!), but this just serves as further proof that even before the digital age exploded on mobile devices, she knew how to vacation. All the more reason to document it now!

You can probably bet that this won't be the last vacation Beyoncé takes that will make you envious. Luckily for her, her fans are all here for that!

Image: Beyonce/Instagram