Where To Buy Bean Boots Look-Alikes

Step aside, Timberlands and Birkenstocks: looks like Bean Boots are already backordered because they're just that popular. Who would've thought that in 2015, fall and winter's It shoe would be something so classically, um... dorky? If you're wondering where to buy bean boots look-alikes, you came to the right place.

Although they aren't necessarily the most attractive boot, I'd be totally down to strut around in some awesome Bean Boots when the weather cools down. Sadly, the real thing isn't looking like an option. Even though the first day of fall literally just happened, they're already backordered, so you might be waiting a while for your shipment.

"Due to an extremely limited supply of L.L.Bean Boots, we recommend placing your order now so we can reserve a pair for you," the website says. "We make our boots by hand, so sometimes we just can't make them fast enough, but we promise that our team of stitchers in Brunswick, Maine, will start handcrafting yours as soon as possible."

The world needs more Bean Boots! It's almost as bad as an avocado shortage, y'all. If you do want to wait, you can bet your precious pair will be pretty special. But if not, here are 7 look-alike pairs that'll do the job.

Land's End Duck Boots

Women's Duck Boots, $99, Landsend

These bad boys are a pretty close match — and almost $100 cheaper.

Tommy Hilfiger Russel Booties

Tommy Hilfiger Russel Faux-Fur Duck Booties, $99, Amazon

The plaid adds a cute fall touch to the classic style.

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot

Saltwater Duck Boot, $100, Amazon

The leather on this pair is already stylishly worn-looking.

Sorel 1964 Premium LTR Boot

Sorel Women's 1964 Premium LTR Boot, $135, Amazon

These boots mean business — they're meant for "heavy snow." Bring it on.

Steve Madden Tillis Rain Boots

Steve Madden Tillis Short Rain Boots, $79, Amazon

You don't even have to tie the laces!

Crocs All Cast Waterproof Duck Boot

Crocs All Cast Waterproof Duck Boot, $52, Amazon

I know what I said about Crocs a minute ago, but I might take it back for these.

DYLAN Women's Lace Up Two-Tone Duck Boots

AXNY DYLAN Women's Lace Up Two Tone Combat Style Calf Rain Duck Boots, $39, Amazon

These are a steal and a half. If you're on a budget, you should definitely opt for this pair.

Of course, if you'd rather wait, there's always...

The Real Deal

Women's Bean Boots, $189, LLBean

The best things in life are worth waiting for, right?

Images: adwriter/Flickr; Courtesy of brands