Gisele Covers 'Vogue' Paris Sans Pants

Vogue Paris' October issue marks the 95th Anniversary of the magazine and, to celebrate, the très chic magazine is set to release a 472-page issue with four covers on September 29th. Editor-In-Chief Emmanuelle Alt, who styled the covers and the editorial spreads inside, commissioned four industry giants to wear the latest French fashion on the covers, but on one Vogue Paris cover, Gisele Bundchen seems to have forgotten clothing! The other three supermodel cover girls are Kendall Jenner, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss, but frankly, Bundchen wins this round.

Lensed by Bundchen's pal Mario Testino, the cover photograph looks like a behind-the-scenes shot, right down to the flash of the camera that caught on a sequin behind the Brazilian model, almost as if the fashion gods were smiling upon this moment.

Alt and the Vogue Paris team could have chosen a killer outfit from the tightly-packed clothing racks in the background, and no doubt nabbing a cover would have been a massive achievement for any designer, but (luckily for us) the model mama was simply styled in just a pair of white underwear — with her name across her famous derriere.

Bundchen and Testino have been working together for nearly two decades, and the ease they no doubt have with each other, IMHO, is what makes this image so great. “I have known Mario since I was 16 years old. He’s a huge part of my life. He’s an old friend," Bundchen told me in an interview a couple years ago. "We kind of understand each other! Everyone just comes out a little more sexual in his photos.” I'll say!

Jenner's cover, which mimics the look and feel of her ads for Fendi, was shot by David Sims, while Turlington's portrait was captured by Inez&Vinoodh, and Moss, in an open-back red dress, was snapped by Mert & Marcus:

But back to Bundchen and her famous tush. This isn't the first time that her backside has graced glossy covers. She's a repeat butt exhibitionist, and here are the pictures to prove it.

1. Lui, June 2014

Naked, again, on the cover of French glossy Lui's Brazil issue.

2. GQ, July 2008

Here's Bundchen looking sporty in athletic socks, a black bra, and a strategically-placed sheet for GQ.

3. Numero, July 2000

Here's some of her earlier work. That butt hasn't changed one butt, er, bit.

4.Vanity Fair, May 2009

Just a peek of cheek for the Vanity Fair cover.

5. Vogue Paris, June 2012

Sandy-bottomed for a summertime Vogue Paris cover.

By the way, this was the easiest thing I've ever Googled. I love my job...

Images: Vogue, Lui, Numero, GQ, V Magazine, Vanity Fair